We Both Put Up A Good Fight

i am now getting in the crib.
i’m tired AF and i got work tomorrow.
mi was so sweet tho.
she texted me earlier asking where was i because she was worried.
she always does that when i don’t come home at my regular time.

“out with work wolf
will be home soon”

work wolf wanted to hit up this spot for dinner.
it was pretty nice.
well what wasn’t nice was us arguing in the streets

i know what you are thinking

“another fight?”

well this one was me catching him in a lie.
well he caught himself up.
he said he did something a couple months back,
but he didn’t do it.
his excuse:

“yeah i lied because i didn’t want to disappoint you.
so the lie was a good thing jamari.”

so i told him how i felt about that ridiculous answer.
he responded back his explanation.
he stil didn’t get my point.
i nearly drew a graph on a napkin.
it got the point where we were both quiet.
as soon as we got outside,
we went at it.
people were looking.
it was definitely a scene.
he walked away from me a few times.
he was also mad that i put him on “do not disturb” at the table.

as we walked a couple blocks in silence,
he goes:

“i’m sorry jamari.
lets just drop it okay?
how about from now on we are upfront with each other?”

“i’m always upfront with you.
you know this.
you the one who always got some secret in the background.”

“i know.
i told you i’m sorry.
i’m not gonna say sorry again.”

we both shook on it to end it.
we went into this store and i was liking this gorgeous tie.

“you want it?
i will buy it for you.”

i told him no.
after we argue,
its like he gets closer to me.
he ended up sharing a lot about his past with me.
the wolf has gone through his share of pussy.

“every job i worked at before,
i was fucking almost all the hoes.
my last job,
i fucked the manager and some of my co workers.”


“oh wow.”

he told me how most vixens never really satisfy him.
he ends up cheating on all of them.
i told him i’m glad he has decided to chill on being a raging thot.


before we left for our separate trains,
i told him how much i appreciate him in my life.

“i appreciate you too.
i don’t trust a lot of people,
but i trust you.”

“is this the truth or a lie?”

tumblr_lwitgzW1PS1qaf90uo2_r1_250i was joking.

“oh is this gonna be the new thing now?”

ima always ask for some receipts.”

he laughed and left.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

25 thoughts on “We Both Put Up A Good Fight”

  1. Like…who even IS this guy?!?!?! I’m so distraught over this tension. He buys you anything you want and gets upset when y’all don’t talk? That’s bae and he’s acting like he doesn’t know it already.

    Ya boy is playin’ too much.

  2. Ummm I can’t with you two. And what’s the deal with these wolves and trust issues?!? My work boo has shared the same thing with me. They must be dealing with chicken heads but real talk str8 men lie ALOT when dealing with females; its part of the game that players play. But props to you J for not accepting that in your world.

  3. Lol this sound like some couple shit. If one my niggas lie about some shit and I find out imma clown him and we’d laugh it off, all this extra emotional stuff two male friends don’t usually do lol. It goes back to him seeing you and on a broader scale gay dudes as females I think. Nigga even trying to buy you shit to calm you down like dudes usually do w women lol. Tbh on reading some these, admittedly haven’t read all entries on dude, but Jamari man you’re kinda playing into his perceptions by acting more like a gf would than a male friend imo. I’m not sure if you have many other straight male friends to gauge you’re actions off but w this dude interactions are 100% how a female would act with him. He clearly peeped it and is responding in kind. The more I read of him the more too I think his ego is the real mvp. I just think he’s getting so much from not only pussy wanting him in droves but add to that now dudes as well.

    1. ^honestly,
      im not even mad at this comment.
      when I’ve interacted with my other straight friends,
      it never was like this.
      there would be situations where we would laugh and clown each other for dumb shit.
      we would move on.
      with this dude,
      it’s different.
      it’s like I could try to put it into words,
      especially the way he acts,
      but how do you word this?
      to people,
      I’m sure I look like some female.
      it’s whatever.
      i been called worse and i know who I am.
      i let my emotions get the best of me with this dude,
      but how can you not when he also plays the game?
      it’s not like he doesn’t.
      we both rile each other up.

      i will continue to tell this story,
      and regardless how I look,
      people are relating with their own stories.

      Thank you anon.
      there was a message in that comment.
      I’m going to follow it.

      1. Don’t stop speaking your truth man that was not the intention, just giving a diff perspective I guess. A lot of people see your relationship w him completely different and that’s cool. From reading this site it’s clear you’re really smart, but things are diff as you said with him cause you’re sprung asf when it comes to him and he knows that shit lol. It’s no judgement either, this gay life is fuckin trash so I get a good looking dude your type giving you attention getting you sprung, my only thing is I hope you’re not giving his head too much in the process. With the way this nigga brags on his dick his head already up there and it would suck if you’re another notch on that belt, even if its never physical. Also think dude has more game than you think he has no nigga with weak game gonna be getting that much ass lol. I guess just be wary is all.

    2. We don’t know the whole story. Jamari isn’t telling us everything that happened word for word. You can’t really make judgements or give advice. He doesn’t tell us the vibe or about anything nonverbal.

  4. Ugh, a damn hand shake?. Why didnt he just kiss you to stop you from arguing. He gettin on my nerves. Just do it already damn, stop wasting time. Lol. You should ask him y dont the vixens do it for him. Are they shallow, is he only getting a certain type. Ask him is there something else he wants but is scared to go for it, hint hint. Yall should def chill alone a get drunk. Of course you let him get more drunk than you. Then start probing and see what answers you get.

  5. I think he fantasizes about you often…. Every time y’all argue is his time to truly enjoy himself…. I’d wish you’d make the first move without making the first move…. 😉

  6. This was actually kind of a cute situation…for a couple lol. I wonder if he’s had so much pussy that he’s tired of it lol. Maybe he wants to try some male booty or some dick lol! His interaction with you gets more and more suspect with each post. Hmmm *Side eye* 👀

  7. I love how that works with good friends. You’ll argue about the most stupid shit ever then tomorrow or later that day, it’s forgotten. I believe that’s how you know you have a bond with that person Jamari.

    I think the most stupid thing I’ve argued about with a friend is how old a baby needs to be for a piercing. Any others out there?

    1. ^i need him to see that friends,
      regardless of whatever,
      argue and make up.
      dudes argue.
      it may not be like vixens,
      but they get it in.

  8. Lawd you’ll fussing in the streets you’ll definitely fight like a couple, but exactly at what Y Colette said why don’t you’ll ever do things on the weekends. I thought you said he just got his own place about a month ago.

  9. Jamari.. there must be WAY more to this work wolf’s past then PUSSY.. it seems like every conversation he uses as a chance to brag about how many vixens he has slept with..? whats going on here?

  10. Ya are just too cute for words at times 😝

    I’ve got into with my wolf “friend” like that once ( we didn’t see eye to eye on the bill Cosby thing). It started a little bit at the restaurant but by time we got in the car it got turned real quick. I swear after it was done I wanted to tear his clothes off and go at it 😈😈😈

    1. ^yeah I felt that way after that argument.
      he had me all riled up.
      we made up tho because I was going to ignore his ass into the darkness.

  11. Two “dates” in three days:)
    I don’t know if you have already answered this question but why don’t ever hang out on the weekend? Then you would have more time and not have to worry about getting up in a few hours for work.

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