We Both Put Up A Good Fight

i am now getting in the crib.
i’m tired AF and i got work tomorrow.
mi was so sweet tho.
she texted me earlier asking where was i because she was worried.
she always does that when i don’t come home at my regular time.

“out with work wolf
will be home soon”

work wolf wanted to hit up this spot for dinner.
it was pretty nice.
well what wasn’t nice was us arguing in the streets
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She Was Thrown Into The Dark Forest All Alone

tumblr_static_bvpw3278wa0ogck0koc84w0sw_640_v2“am i a heartless person?”

i had to ask myself that when i walked into my bedroom tonight.
i’ve been up since 530am.
i got out of work at 830pm.
i’m exhausted.
i want to come home to just relax.
well mi has an issue.
one not involving her,
but a home-vixen she knows
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Pray and Be Grateful (Double Combo)

praying-hands-emojitake a moment to pray for the homeless out in the streets tonight
it is brutally cold in new yawk (and other states) right now.
single digits of death.

Screen Shot 2015-02-19 at 11.44.07 PMi also want you to pray and be thankful you have shelter tonight.
a warm bed to sleep in.
hot water to take a million showers.
many people cannot afford the luxuries we have,
or lost them all tragically,
so just take a moment to remember that before you complain.
i pray for shelter for anyone on the streets during these frigid times.
no one deserves to suffer out in this weather.
in his name…

Siohvaughn Wade Stars In “Diary of A Mad Black Woman” (The Video)

ku-xlargeso remember this whole siohvaughn wade drama from yesterday?
the one where she was on the hot ass streets?
well i got the video courtesy from terez owens

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Dwayne Wade’s Ex Wife Having A Meltdown In The Streets of Chicago!

tumblr_mq4u4w2F611r2br17o1_500this is dwayne wade looking rather spiffy at the espys couple days ago.
well this is his ex wife having a alleged meltdown in chicago right now…

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