She Was Thrown Into The Dark Forest All Alone

tumblr_static_bvpw3278wa0ogck0koc84w0sw_640_v2“am i a heartless person?”

i had to ask myself that when i walked into my bedroom tonight.
i’ve been up since 530am.
i got out of work at 830pm.
i’m exhausted.
i want to come home to just relax.
well mi has an issue.
one not involving her,
but a home-vixen she knows

so her home vixen got kicked out where she was staying tonight.
very similar to mi,
only thing is,
this one was staying at some wolf she was using.
from what mi told me,
she wasn’t interested in the wolf,
but he was really interested in her.

well i guess he found out she wasn’t interested today.
the hard way.
she was “cheating” on him.
kicked her ass out.giphy-54mi is all in her feels about it.

“she is out here with no money and on the street!”

well she can’t stay here.
i don’t know this vixen.
my crib is not the go to for strays.
one is enough.
i told mi:

i know that your friend found herself in a fucked up place,
but that’s not really your issue.
you just got a job and trying to start your life over.
your friend will find her way.
no one told her use some dude for his apartment when she wasn’t interested.”

mi caught an attitude.
she said i don’t understand.
i’m too tired to help her understand it.
well she should understand this:
the vixen can’t stay here.

“you gotta look at it as i was in her shoes too.
she has no money and no place to lay her head.
its messed up i can’t help her with a place to stay tonight.”

my final response:

tumblr_inline_nmwpj3bvvR1sv49sn_500point blank period.

lowkey: if this vixen even stays here tonight,
at what point will she be leaving?

17 thoughts on “She Was Thrown Into The Dark Forest All Alone

  1. It’s nice to see that mi is worrying about another human being but at the same time there are shelters the young woman could stay at. Your crib is not one of them besides and I mean no shade with what I’m about to say but this young woman shouldn’t be trying to stay with or depend on any wolf that’s just asking for drama.

  2. Young people smh.

    I wouldn’t even fix my mouth to ask my friend to stay in a spot I’m not paying a dime to live in.

    Her ass wasn’t letting your cousin stay with her when she had no place to stay!

  3. I don’t want to be insensitive, because some people its not their fault there in the position they’re in, but…
    Yeah, if its so bad that people have to get kicked out from where they were living, its for a reason. If they couldnt handle that person, why should you? espeically if its not family.
    If you’re family won;t take you in, then I don’t see why I would. And you’re a stranger to boot? HA!
    If she were smart she wouldnt have gotten caught, maybe she should have been grateful for what she had.
    She sounds like a moron. Imagine living with that stupidity… UGH

  4. Well tell Mi that her cheating friend need to go to stay with the dude she was cheating on her boyfriend with.

      1. Okay so you cheat on your boyfriend who works and has his own place for someone who lives with his mom HAHA WTF. Too bad she brought all this on her own self nobody problem but hers and tell Mi if she wants to keep protesting for her friend maybe they can scrape up some change to stay at a cheap motel.

    1. LOL I just thought of that too man. He probably don’t want to her to stay with him, just hit and send her on her way.

  5. Nah, you can’t turn your shit into a hotel lol. I hope she understands where you are coming from eventually. Once you allow certain things to start occurring, it is hard to go back on your word. Don’t even reconsider it.

    1. ^exactly man.

      this is how people fall into the “fuck shit” trap.
      mi says she hasn’t heard back from her yet.
      she is going to worry all night.
      okay well she can lose sleep if she wants too.

      1. At a pawn shop with all yo sh*t……you can’t be Capt Save A Ho. Seriously don’t let this chick up in yo crib

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