“Well That Sounds Like Terror”

ear-plugs…and terror it is.
there has been a reason i have been coming home so late this week.
no i have not been creepin’ with a wolf on the low.
yes you would have also read about my back pain.
anyway my boss has us on overtime patrol for a special event for tomorrow.
one that if i knew was coming,
i would have tried my hardest to use one of my vacation days.
well its the dreaded…


*dun dun dunnnnnnnn*

karen-walker-4a day where my office building,
and many others in the city,
will be over run by rug rats of all ages.
there will be in total close to 400-500 cubs in my building.
a majority of them under 8.
nannies will also be in full attendance as well.
i know.
i will take your prayers.

“well that sounds like terror” karoake texted me.

there is some kind of presentation i had to help organize in the morning,
and then afterwards,
the cubs will either be sent off to various departments or shadowing their parents.
i’m not really a fan of other people’s cubs.
so you know this will be a blast for me.

giphy-51…on lighter news,
work wolf and i will be doing some clothes shopping again.

“yo lets do our thing tomorrow.
we off this at 530
” – he texted.

he needs help with an outfit for an event he has this weekend.
in his drawz.
that will be the night cap to a possible headache inducing day.

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20 thoughts on ““Well That Sounds Like Terror””

    1. I think he’s a little envious of the way Jamari dresses.

      He can help him out, but don’t show him all tricks for free.

      You’ll show up at work and have a Single White Female situation going on. Lol

  1. I know you are going to have a long day tomorrow, damn. All those kids. SMH.

    You and this work Wolf tho. He just keeps dragging you in and it’s not like you can say no because you don’t want to be mean lol. That’s a tough spot to be in man. As long as he’s not on some shady shit and is genuine, I’m not worried.

  2. Ugh I hate that day thank god my gob doesn’t have it .

    P.S. I know you’re going to have Work wolf looking fly .

  3. I don’t like other people’s cubs either, unless they’re well behaved, talented and mature, or smart. I don’t like mediocre kids. IJS.

    Honestly, I would go with work wolf too, if I get a free peep show of a phat ass, and some bawdy, I’m not arguing with that LOL, like damn can we at least have SOMEthing? haha

    Good luck with everything J! Sounds like a stressful week, but at least you’re getting your money’s worth!

  4. Jamarifox is a grown-ass man. He stands on his own two feet, pays his own bills and makes his own decisions. And, like all grown-ass men, he occasionally, purposefully and with full knowledge, does things that are not good for him. Just like a brotha who suffers from issues with his weight sometimes takes the route that leads past the doughnut shop, Jamarifox goes into a situation that may involve partial nudity with the kind of narcissistic wolf that has broken his grown-ass heart before. Rather than a perfect confection of fat, sugar and low quality carbs, Jamarifox is tempting fate with a STRAIGHT MAN who uses his sexuality to fill the gaping hole in his own self esteem. He needs everyone around him constantly to play into the refrain that says ” at least I can pull whoever I want.” Liar Liar is vile and without redeeming qualities but he wants to fuck her because she is cute and a challenge. Jamarifox is gay or at least curious. So work wolf can feed his needy ego by getting Jamarifox to do for free what would otherwise cost money. When this wolf eventually settles down, with a WOMAN, he will fuck her best friend and her sister just to prove that he can. This pineapple doughnut is thrilling for a moment. But, it leads to guilt and self- loathing in the end. Sometimes grown-ass men take a bite anyway. That doesn’t make them stupid, it makes them human. Those of us who love and respect the grown-ass man will continue to do so. We will just remind him that he CHOSE the route that took him past the doughnut shop!

    1. I just had a similar conversation with someone. Many times we go into a situation knowing what the deal is, but we make the decision to go after it anyway because we want it, Often times we ask God to show us a sign, to reveal things to us about people/situations and when he does we ignore it. You are right, we are human. WE are not nor will we ever be perfect but many times we set ourselves up for the drama in our lives. At the end of the day I think Jamari has made it clear that he wants worker wolf. Despite his own admission that he knows that he is no good and that he was going to leave him alone. i don’t think Jamari will be satisfied until he has him and/or until things go completely south. we have all been there. but if and when things go south we can’t be quick to call out the other parties involved, they were doing what they have always done. It’s on us. It’s not like we didn’t know. but, over time we get to a place where we can see things for what they are and ignore the temptation to indulge in the drama. However, that comes with wisdom and sometimes wisdom comes through mistakes, heartaches, and drama.
      The growing pains of life!!!

    2. Hmmmm….doughnuts lmao

      I take into account we may not be getting a fully accurate perception of this guy though, only Jamari’s perspective.

      Either way, I’m all for letting people make their own mistakes when it comes to interpersonal relationships. I’m a hard headed person myself so I’m not one to judge. I do take certain people’s counsel very seriously though.

      Life is always the best teacher in my opinion, so I let it do its job. You’ll find that the company one keeps, the people they chase, the people they entertain and attract, and their friends are often representative of where they are in life, for better or worse they need those experiences to grow.

  5. Word JAY!

    Honestly guys, I dont think its that serious. We know only so much about this guy. Jamari interacts with him on a consistent basis, so I’m pretty sure if there were red flags, he would have been out of that situation by now.
    Okay, we know he’s messy,
    Okay, we know he’s supposedly “straight”
    Okay, we know he is flirtatious with vixens
    Okay, we know he gets bored with “easy” things *cough* liar liar*

    Not great.

    Sounds like many straight guys of his calibre.

    From what I’ve heard about him, I just don’t think he deserves the kind of credit to have the intelligence to use Jamari’s sexuality to get what he wants. Still a possibility that J would have to watch out for, but idk how imminent that is, so…

    So far, its just style tips, he could ask a vixen to do the same thing.But he didn’t.
    He’s probably a simple thinker. Jamari seems cool and detached from all the drama, he dresses nice, so it feels safe, he MAY or MAY NOT be aware that Jamari gets down, but I can’t judge that until I meet both people in person to see how they behave and wolf’s level of perception.
    He may or may not care if he DOES know.
    He thinks Jamari’s cool, calm, and dresses nice. Why wouldnt he ask Jamari? He’s not going to ask another dude unless Jamari has some style competition, but it doesnt sound like it lol.
    Jamari obliged and that’s it. Its kind of a win win. Everyone can get a little something out of it. Sure, its not the world for Jamari, but it may be fun for him too in an innocent way.
    Jamari did say he’s kind of over that whole situation anyway. Why can’t he be a friend? He has no one else to talk to there.
    I say, if it makes it easier for him to deal with that place, let him have it. he knows the deal.
    I kind of feel like we’re all reading into this a bit much. I think we should give Jamari a little more credit.
    But who knows?!

    1. No one knows what his intentions are, but it would be unwise to underestimate ANYONE.

      I’ll let you all in on a secret, a straight man can deduce you’re gay after enough interactions. Smart ones will even test you with getting your opinion and reaction to women and then asking you about sports. Most of the time, these tests are just a confirmation of what they already suspect. I’d say that process has about 60%-70% accuracy, unless the gay man in question is a seasoned pro.

      If you’re dealing with another closeted man, one or both parties have likely already clocked each other, depending on who has the more experienced gaydar.

      Believe it or not, there are straight or closeted men that can and do use gay men, but as soon as they gay man crosses the line or makes them uncomfortable they’ll know exactly where they stand.

      You don’t have to be brilliant or intelligent to use or manipulate anyone.

      A toddler or infant can manipulate a parent. All you need is influence.

      1. I see! Good point!
        You’re right not to underestimate anyone, for sure, that’s something I usually say, I guess it must have been an oversight.

        Hm, yes, I know these tests, experienced them myself actually, but tbh, its not very subtle in most cases, I know exactly what they’re asking. I have my cover-ups but sometimes I’m caught off-guard lol!

        I believe it for sure, I’m just not sure if I’m getting that from Jamari’s situation in particular. Unless Jamari drops a bomb-shell of some-sort, Idk what this guy could use against J with those (at best) speculative “tests”.
        Other than that, i dont know what this guy could get out of this situation. Not much to go off of IMO.
        Maybe I’m naive. I don’t usually play these types of games with people, so the games are just off-putting to me in general. I’ve forgotten some of the rules and code LOL!
        Can’t be bothered to waste my time, I don’t feel the need to prove my masculinity or anything to some brainless oaf.
        But shit like that does happen I suppose. Hm,
        You’re totally right about not having to be intelligent to manipulate someone though.

        I have been around plenty straight guys, but the ones that act like that are the ones I stay away from anyway. They play more games and gossip more than women. They’re not as smooth as they think they are, or maybe they’re not fooling me. I’m usually off that situation when I’m being tested like I’m a science experiment lol. I already know where that road is going. LOL!

        These tests, and games are only relevent to me if I think the guy might be closeted. I don’t ask them, but they become more interesting if I get the feeling he gets down and is asking me for a reason LOL! If Im convinced he’s straight then I’m out LOL!

        Now that I think about it, this wolf at my last job was asking me that, and it threw me off because he hadn’t really talked to me much before, he’s friendly with everyone and he’s “straight” when asked about, but is pretty private. I always thought he was ambiguous, and I was pretty attracted to him, but thought nothing of it tbh.
        I wonder if he was testing me or just wanted to know me more?! I should have said bye to him properly, he was the one who trained me there anyway.. lol.
        there were some signs, but my gaydar is probably broken so idk LOL!

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