Bruce Jenner Gives Us A Peak Into His Closet

CDKTv9GW8AA5AIUthis was what i saw on the news stand in front of my job.
it has also been the talk to the day.
bruce jenner has finally (and allegedly) transformed into “miss brenda j”

giphysundress and kitten heels in tow.
clearly he is wearing something from the big one’s closet.
i really wonder how the kardashians feel about this?
i mean do they even care?
this just turned their clock back another hour.
well you can hear everything bruce has to say about it this friday.
“bruce jenner: the interview” airs on abc this friday night.
i will definitely be there.

lowkey: i’m surethat pimp” will use this as an opportunity for next season.
i wonder if he will get a new intro?
i don’t know why i keep seeing him doing this in my head:
tumblr_mg1w7qM1m21r0ftodo1_250is it me or are all the wolves in that family a completely and utter mess?

this is what messing with the kardashians do to you.
bat shit crazy,
fat as hell,
or have you lookin’ like a new cast member on rhobh.

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19 thoughts on “Bruce Jenner Gives Us A Peak Into His Closet

  1. For years Bruce has sacrificed his own life because everywhere he went he became known as the kardashian father. He was ridiculed for years on the show and never really looked happy. i feel Bruce was dealing with this for quite some time and the fact that now as Bruce makes the transition the gay community is making a mockery of is very sad…to thine ownself be true…and no one i know is going to become transgendered for publicity and to be talked about…regardless how much people claim they hate the kardashian clan, and family they have a successful show, clothing line through Sears and etc so someone likes them enough for them to gain assets…i wish Bruce the best as He transitions to Brenda and this media outlet was so tacky in invading the privacy…i dont see how celebs do it..everything you do is scrutinized, and made fun of…

  2. Move over CoCo, Amber Rose, there is a new Bad White Bitch in town, and you lesser bitches will pay HOMAGE. Armed with only her long silky brunette tresses, a sun dress from H&M and some good P-$$y, Brenda is about to break this shit up, knocking even her own step daughter off the throne to claim the title as the Baddest Bitch on Payday Friday. Werk! Brenda is gonna have Kris on that stroll before its all said and done.

  3. I’m kind of over Bruce’s “story” but I guess he needs to publicly address it so he can wear his dresses and stuff in peace lol. He should have struck while the iron was hot though, its been months since were hearing about his transition to his “true identity”, and while thats great and all, I’ve lost interest. Okay, great, you’re transitioning, “good for you, you’re so brave blah blah blah”, its same same old nonsense each time,(remember Michael Sam? No? Me neither) though I must say, his age does play a factor in this story, he’s been dealing with this for THAT long? Good lord. Well good for you Bruce or whatever your name is/will be etc.

    you just called Kris “the pimp” LMAO! See she’s not that smart, she should have tried to whore out Robert as well, he was a delectable treat with that booty he used to have damn, and he was cute as hell too, a little whacky, but very normal for a Kardashian. They would have the gay market too, if they got Robert doing what Kim does, but in a really masculine “wolfy” type way, lord knows we would have been swooning. and he’s their only boy. He could have been the next meal ticket for when Kim’s on her way out.

    But yeah, there’s not one person in that family that is well adjusted. Maybe Kendall is. I hope it stays that way for her, even on the show she was like the only one with a brain, but they will pollute her brain soon enough until she’s tainted too.

  4. For some strange reason, I feel like this is a publicity stunt. I think part of the reason I feel this way is because we know this family to be all about how much attention they can get. I heard that’s the main reason Reggie left Kim.

    Kim’s sex-tape. Kim’s many hook-ups and break-ups. Kim’s marriage to Chris Humphries then Kanye. Kim and Kanye’s cub. Kris admitting to cheating on the Kardashian sister’s dad which in turn had everyone questioning Khloe’s paternity, some even speculating it might be O.J Simpson. Rob becoming fat and depressed. This family stays in the headlines. When will they go the way of Paris Hilton.

    Good for Bruce if he is really transitioning but I feel like we’re all being Punk’d.

  5. I feel that after 6 kids 3 marriages and you being 65 years old I just don’t understand why transition now. Then he says that he will continue to date women, so I’m sorry but this seems selfish and crazy on his part.

    1. Would you feel the same way about a 65 year Gay man coming out as Gay? What’s the point in acknowledging you are Gay at 65, just continue living a lie until you die in 20 or 30 years.Also Bruce’s gender is unrelated to Bruce’s sexual orientation.I hope Bruce finds peace and joy in this next chapter of life.
      I think its disgusting that paper bought that picture,tacky invasion of privacy IMO.

  6. It’s so weird , i was watching an old episode of Family Guy and Stewie referred to Bruce as a woman , Brian said “No he’s not” and Stewie retorted “Oh no Brian he’s a tall elegant woman” Now to actually see it playing out before our eyes….

  7. Jamari, our minds think alike. I thought the same thing regarding that twirl gif when I was looking at the pics lol. Alright now. Bruce do your thing. After all these years, he is finally doing it.

    Now give them a twirl *Kenya Moore voice*

    1. ^wouldn’t it be funny if this was something that pimp cooked up?
      you know she always has a plan to keep that family talked about…

      1. This family ain’t going anywhere in the near future. Kylie is the new whore on the scene and is planning for life after Kim. Have you recognized we haven’t heard much from Kim ever since Kylie has been talked about in the news? Rob is in hiding. Bruce has now decided to change his gender.

        Kendall and Kourtney are the only ones with sense.

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