Kellon Deryck and That “Gym Wolf Bawdy” of His

Screen Shot 2015-04-22 at 10.10.16 PM…that was kellon deryck on runyon canyon in cali last weekend.
i wanted a body shot remember?
tumblr_lnd9l5YXvK1qk1p1ythe universe sent him the memo.
his body looks so tite.
well he was there for another exciting “flawless illusion” seminar.
now is it me or does his tail look smaller than usual?
i hope doesn’t lose that blessing working out.

picture taken: instagram

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

10 thoughts on “Kellon Deryck and That “Gym Wolf Bawdy” of His”

      1. I’m with you guys on that one. I don’t stalk many people on instagram but he just makes me hot so.. I’d do whatever he wants me to do to/for him. All he has to do is ask with his fine self!
        And he better hold on to that phatty he has back there!
        Excuse me while I get some water!

  1. Looks like he more so diets than works out.

    I’m sure with his job he doesn’t have time to be in the gym all day like these other dudes.

    1. He probably achieved his body in the gym, and and if he’s too busy with work and stuff, probably maintains it using home workouts with some weights. Should be enough. Either way, its working for him!

  2. He is so fine to me omg. I don’t get real turnt about about a lot of guys but he does something to me. Ugh, I need me some of THAT in my life, and I’d one happy man.
    So freaking sexy. His eyes, LIPS (damn!), dick, ass! man I’d have a field day if I ever got a chance! Wow!

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