Keyshia Cole Makes Me Happy

keyshia-cole-lil-wayne-enough-of-no-love-videoso i’m just gonna admit it.
i am a lowkey fan of keyshia cole.
yeah i said it…
i love the whole “hood chick ‘n’ b” vibe she does so well.
tumblr_mexmv1fS9G1r8xb8fo1_500i mean its true.
k michelle and her are the spokesmodels for this genre.
mary got polished and moved on.
well for whatever reason,
i been listening to her music hard body as of late.
from the “fuck pineapples” first album to her latest “yeah they still ain’t shit” last album.
she sings the best when she is going through this phase.tumblr_mlor61OPbK1rebvyqo1_400even tho i did love her few love songs,
nothing is better than “razor blade under her tongue” keyshia.

am i the only one who digs her music?

i am now listening to her “woman to woman” album.
like for the first time tonight.
like 3 years too late.
its not bad at all.
her music isn’t something i can listen to when im a good mood tho.
same with k michelle.
their music is like therapy for me when i’m going through it.
i been going thru it.

lowkey: even tho we went at it way back when,
because lord knows she has done some dumb shit,

i will give her props.

6 thoughts on “Keyshia Cole Makes Me Happy

  1. I only like her first two discs. nothing from the other releases did anything for me. “Sent From Heaven” was a jam that came at just the right time in my life!

  2. I do as well.

    Yea, y’all did go at it. I wonder if she still mad with you tho lol.

  3. I’ve always been a fan of her music I actually like her better than k Michelle for some reason. When she goes through it your whole being feels it from her singing.

  4. I already knew Keyshia Cole had some joints “I Remember”, “Fallin Out”, “Trust”, and “Trust and Believe” are good songs. Reality television is ruining her career though. She needs to decide if she wants to be a singer or reality tv star.

    I was surprised how good K. Michelle’s current album is!

  5. I’ve always like Keyshia Cole in spite of her ratched tendencies. To me, she’s consistently put out good music.

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