rip frankie, keyshia cole’s mother

one of my favorite memories of my childhood was watching shows with my little sister.
one show i remember us watching together was keyshia cole’s reality show on bet,
“the way it is”.
it was like one of our many “brother/sister” bonding moments tbh.
it was better than that fuckin’ spice girls shit she would watch on repeat.
we both loved frankie who was keyshia cole’s mother.
even though she was an addict,
and be super emotional like typical cancers,
she had a really good and infectious spirit about her.
she was literally the star of that show.


so you know i was saddened when i saw this news this morning…

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keyshia cole is dropping something new in a few months

some folks are “forever young“.
they maybe older,
but they have a youthful spirit.
keyshia cole seems like that type.
she is 37 dating an alleged 23-year-old.
his name is nico khale.

he looks really fun sized….

he is an aspiring rapper and seems to be keeping her young.
keyshia had a big announcment on her ig…

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“I Don’t” Like It (Mariah)

i didn’t like the song anyway.
remy couldn’t even save it.
she sounded off.
mariah needs to do better.
i did like this track with remy on it tho…
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Shad Moss Should Join Tinder

Screen Shot 2016-02-21 at 1.57.17 PMi might be the only one who thinks shad moss is cute.
even though he still looks 16,
i’m sure the stroke is 28 years old.
well shad has been with a lot of vixens.
he recently broke up with erica mena and she can’t shut up about it.
well he is allegedly messin’ with someone new.
he posted this on twitter
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Keyshia Cole Makes Me Happy

keyshia-cole-lil-wayne-enough-of-no-love-videoso i’m just gonna admit it.
i am a lowkey fan of keyshia cole.
yeah i said it…
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Boobie Still On This “Keyshia Cole” Thing

Screen Shot 2014-09-24 at 10.09.40 PMnba baller wolf,
daniel “boobie” gibson,
is still crying over his ex,
keyshia cole.
i’m convinced her pussy is lined with blue bunny ice cream.
he had an interview with vlad tv about everything keyshia cole…
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