Don’t Be Kissin’ No Wolves In Miami

tumblr_nakomdtiGl1tdusq5o1_500when i think of miami,
i think of nice weather and beautiful animals everywhere.
“any and every” goes to south beach for a little r&r,
sex on the beach,
and potential ratchet behavior you’ll tell someone’s grandcubs.
well these two gays learned never to kiss in a south beach burger king bar.
sidebar: they still have those?
they shut the one down off of time square.
an f-bi sent me this story and the video to accompany it…

Florida police are looking for up to three men involved in an attack on a gay couple at a South Beach Burger King after the two men kissed, CBS Miami is reporting.

According to police, the couple were visiting from Los Angeles when the altercation broke out at the Miami fast food restaurant, with one of the visitors tackled and beaten on the floor while one of his accomplices held onlookers back during the fight.

25-year-old Jordan Schaeffer and his partner, 25-year-old Eric Danko explained they had kissed when one of the attackers made an “using derogatory” comment which, in turn, led to the assault.

The attacker can be seen wrapping his legs around Schaeffer while pummeling him as Danko was blocked from assisting him.

Police believe that the attacker may have some knowledge of martial arts.

The subjects in this case happen to be gay individuals and that’s part of our investigation to see what provoked that attack,” stated Miami Beach police officer Ernesto Rodriguez who added, “There is no room for hate anywhere.”

Schaeffer suffered lacerations to his lip during the March 14 attack which police are pursuing as a felony battery.

the video:

so wait…
bae is getting beat down and you just stand there?
if they were “good and hood”,
that entire bk would have been torn up.
something like dis:

if you small,
time to use whatever around you as a weapon.

ketchup in the eye

hell at least go call the police or get help outside.
i’ll assume he was drunk.

it’s a shame jackals still do “this”.
with the amount of gay shit damn near everywhere,
you would think there would be some sort of desensitization.
muthafuckas putting folks in a chicken wing for kissing.
even if someone doesn’t “like gay shit”,
keep the comments “under breath” and “in ear”.
no one should be attacking you for your life choice.
maybe the gays could have walked away as well.
everything that “hurts your feelings” doesn’t need a show down.

the gays don’t attack the straights for:

 the insane amount of random ass cubs
passing diseases left and right to prove straightness
all this godforsaken trap music

tumblr_lsqor25uWY1qzfxnfjust sad all around.
i hope they find the 3 jackals involved.
as always foxhole:

be careful out there

lowkey: this is why i keep saying i want have a license to carry.
i have no problem shooting you for steppin’ to me crazy.
charge at me like a buckin’ bronco if you want too.
i’ll be forced to put your ass down.


 article taken: towler road

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

19 thoughts on “Don’t Be Kissin’ No Wolves In Miami”

  1. In this day and age folks are becoming more with attacking the children. Had those girls been black it may have been a different outcome. Those Florida children will mace or taze your ass inna minute. Im thankful for my height and size (6’5″ $%#lbs.) I had a friend who was petite aaannnd cunty as ever.

    There were times when we were out and about the boys would keekee & things of that nature. They wouldn’t try to give too much though. They were intimidated by my size plus my friend was a lil’ thumper.

    I would always tell folk:
    You don’t spell Gay- P-U-N-K.
    I’ve seen a number of dudes get beat by the girls because they thought it was choice. Especially in jail. They see one being effeminate as a weakness, but failed to realize we’re still men!!

    1. ^”You don’t spell Gay- P-U-N-K.”

      you gotta out the fear in these jackal’s hearts.
      i’ve noticed if you real good at cussin’ people out,
      others will back down from you as well.

      1. There’s an art to a good cussing that puts fear in folks. I haven’t been in a fight since I was 11…I think I’ve cussed in a,way that people are afraid if what I will really do…lol. I’m usually kind and cool but get me wrong once Shame in you….

  2. Video #2 shows how blacks roll…no offense to my vanilla brothers. Them 2 handled their business. Gives new meaning to the show/term “Hit The Floor”

  3. Listen a fool got one time to run up on me and he’s getting cut. Look me up on a I’m a grown ass man I don’t have time for the antics and I also I have family who will ride. My brother doesn’t care for my sexuality but if I call him and say I’m being fucked with he and his friends coming in like the calvary. I’m from Philly unfortunately I have a higher chance of being robbed or shot versus being hay bashed. I don’t care why ‘straight’ care about gays so much

  4. It is a damn shame that people are so concerned with the life of everyone else. I know people do not necessarily approve of the lifestyle, but they have to be able to move past it at some point. Shit, I’ll kiss my man in front rednecks, homophobes, bible thumpers, and republicans.

    1. ^THIS!! I will never understand why people seem to care what is going on in the next person’s life…when theirs is probably more fucked up than anything!! If you don’t approve of the lifestyle, so be it. It doesn’t give you cause/reason to put your hands on a person. If that person turns around and beats your ass down, then guess asked for it! I’ve seen a gay dude beat the brakes off a dude who thought he was soft.
      Most of those who do shyt like this are closeted homophobes who hate themselves and/or are probably jealous that individual has the courage to be open with his situation. I think a lot of Republicans, bible thumpers, and rednecks are that way. Secretly they love the little boys or occasional blowjob/fuck from a gay individual..but publicly they have to denounce and act out against that behavior. We see it happening in the news all of the time, some old ass pervert getting busted for child porn, trying to pick up a male prostitute, or busted in a sting of some kind.

  5. I think that too many times people get caught up in thinking that we live in some gay utopia because we see all these TV shows and and gay everything on social media. I live in the real world and I am not going to be showing no PDA in a non-gay setting. You can say what you want about you should be able to be your self and live your life but common sense should always prevail. It more of them than you. Thanks to my size, I am not really worried about being gay bashed but you never know when you can be out numbered and even if you have hands, you cant fight a army by yourself. Sadly most snow foxes didnt grow up boxing and dont know when somebody comes at you on the streets nothing is off limits. Trust me when I say, I have seen some flamboyant sissies whoop str8 boys asses, hell just do a search on youtube and see how many Queens have handle up on thugs. I look like a football player and I can tell you that I will walk away from a flamboyant gay dude because these dudes have a Sophia from the Color Purple testimony of “All My Life I Had to Fight” and they grew up boxing. That was one of the first lessons I learned many years ago, dont judge a book by the cover. With the rise of Donald Trump it is going to be more of this, many people feel that they can let their inner racist show with violence against gays, Blacks, Immigrants, Muslims and the list goes on. If you gone go to a str8 setting with your boo, I would advise you to have a box cutter on you, if you live in a state that you cant open carry. Sometimes you have to let a Bitch meet Jesus when they try to lay hands.

    1. I feel u on bein’ a big/intimidating typ’a dude – I’ve neva had to get into an actual real fight…and I too abstain from too much PDA, but I’d feel he same if I was w/ a female…but how/why is/should ANY establishment in SOUTH BEACH considered a “str8 setting” though?…u kiddin’ me?…w/ all them euro gays paradin’ around too?

    2. ^this comment was so good but it made me laugh for t worded it LOL

      i agree with the above.
      i loved the part “there is more of them than you”.
      also sometimes you have to ask yourself what did the other do in the situation?
      any form of fighting is wrong,
      but sometimes when we start cursing and calling names back,
      we start shit by the response.

      im all for walking away.
      in this day and age,
      with all the shit that is going on,
      people will kill you for internet popularity.

    3. My sentiments are between yours and The Man’s. I don’t understand why people care so much about other people’s lives. Don’t these people have better things to do with their own lives? and why do they think they’re in a position to criticize? What people choose to do is of no interest to me, unless it is has a real effect on MY life and well-being. If it’s not effecting my health, credit score, education, job situation, then idc about randoms and their random uninteresting lives, but here’s the thing, we live in a world where people DO care, for whatever reason that may be, albeit a waste of energy if you ask me, but they do, so with that being said, I would not put myself in a position to have to deal with people and their opinions if I don’t have to, I don’t care to prove myself to anybody. I don’t have time for that, and have better things I’d rather do with my time. My business is mine alone, and I don’t feel like being in anyone’s headlines because I wanted to defend my views or disposition unless I was forced to. I know what the situation is out here. People hate gay people. I commend people for deciding to be “brave” and out etc. but you have to be ready for all that comes with it, good and bad, of which I’m not willing to deal with.
      For these reasons, I will stay in the shadows. If I had some sort of “boo” situation, we would def go out, but the PDA is for me and me only, not for the public. No “statements” for me! If I wanted to combat gay haters, I would rather strike from the inside quietly and silently watch them implode, instead of the loud and proud approach (if possible). Different strokes for different folks, and my stroke is deliberate, timely, silent, but effective.

      1. Damn diggy…that last paragraph, that’s some shyt I would do!! I would come at a person and hit ’em when they least expect it, get all friendly and pull the carpet from under their ass. I’m a master of stealth.

      2. Yes! Stealth and strategy is my game! There’s no point in any altercations, or yelling and screaming. Not my thing. Using my brain will get me what I want out of this life. I’d rather be smart, than fighting. Fighting’s for people who have nothing better to do. I respect self defense if it’s the last resort, but random fighting is for buffoons. Not my style. There are better ways to get what you want!

  6. People make comments and insults about the way other people lead their lives because they can.

    A smart person would’ve got up and left when dudes started messing with them but I’m sure they made some remark.

    Don’t run your mouth if you’re not ready to throw down!

    I’ve been to redneck country in Mississippi and Alabama and I wouldn’t dare get into a situation where I’m in some other place where I don’t know anyone and I can get my ass beat and I been boxing and doing MMA for years!

    It’s funny to read what dudes SAY they’ll do but I’ve been in enough fights to know you’re either the type who’s adrenaline and temper kicks in like me or the type that freezes up when attacked. All the cussing and reads are not going to do much but get you popped in the before you finish talking and having a gun will likely get you pistol whipped or shot if you don’t use it quick enough lol

    I’ve seem WOMEN beat up a gay dude. I mean tossed him like a rag doll. All I could do was watch and say damn lol

    Strange I never see gay PDA in Houston not even in the gay parts of town lol

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