check out who @rickstarrr is giving a tongue bath

there are some males i assumed were straight.
i’m not one of them who assumes everyone is gay.
i like to give folks the benefit of the doubt but my gaydar do be off too.
i always thought @rickstarrr and that tongue of his to be straight.
a foxholer sent me this today…

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Don’t Be Kissin’ No Wolves In Miami

tumblr_nakomdtiGl1tdusq5o1_500when i think of miami,
i think of nice weather and beautiful animals everywhere.
“any and every” goes to south beach for a little r&r,
sex on the beach,
and potential ratchet behavior you’ll tell someone’s grandcubs.
well these two gays learned never to kiss in a south beach burger king bar.
sidebar: they still have those?
they shut the one down off of time square.
an f-bi sent me this story and the video to accompany it…
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Um, Is This Justin Bieber Kissing A Redbone Wolf or Nah?

one of the f-bi just sent me this today

i am throwing “allegedly” all over this one.
so apparently and “allegedly” justin bieber,
our “love to loathe” snow fox,
posted an alleged picture by mistake and deleted it super quick.
according to the website huzlers,
it is a picture with him kissing a redbone wolf…
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Everytime I Kiss His Ass, He Takes A Huge Dump On Me!!


one of my biggest pet peeves is people who don’t have a mind of their own.
they either have to:

leech off others to get ideas
get their “life” from someone else

everyone always wants to be the original.
you can always tell because they look like a knock off imitation.
they never put life into it because they didn’t think of it originally.
the worse is people latching onto others in hopes to be put on.
this person could treat them like pure shit,
but as long as they can help them get in the door,
they suffer any kind of abuse.
it’s one thing to genuinely meet someone and become friends.
you know they will have your back since you rode with them from the start.
oprah said:

“Lots of people want to ride with you in the limo,
but what you want is someone who will take the bus with you”

are people only befriending people who can bring them places?
how fake is that?

how can you tell someone only appreciates you because of what you got?
rather than who you are?
makes you look at everyone around you with a nice side eye.
i had to ask…

What are you willing to do to get put on?

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Songzbird Is NOT This Sloppy Kissing This Dude In This Cab.

 songzbird is having the best week ever.
he has gotten a ton of publicity.
that damn chainsaw movie is coming out next month.
well, here is the latest scandal for his roster….

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Weezy and Baby Kissy Face on Rap City

I love how all these straight dudes
may just be secretly worshiping some bisexual cat.

…or should I say CATS?

That kinda tickles me for some reason.

No DOUBT Weezy is one of the best rappers in the game,
but his past is very… how can we say… questionable.

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