Weezy and Baby Kissy Face on Rap City

I love how all these straight dudes
may just be secretly worshiping some bisexual cat.

…or should I say CATS?

That kinda tickles me for some reason.

No DOUBT Weezy is one of the best rappers in the game,
but his past is very… how can we say… questionable.


Should we add this file to many cases in “Homo”-Hop?

Was Lil’ Wayne the Amber Rose to his Kanye?
The Bonnie to his Clyde?
The italian Jesus to his Madonna?

Why do I feel like Weezy and Baby were more than just friends?
I don’t blame Weezy at all.
Baby could buy the entire north region and still have money left over.

Sugar Baby R Us.

Author: jamari fox

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11 thoughts on “Weezy and Baby Kissy Face on Rap City”

  1. I agree. These two men are not related. That was suspect and random. It seemed like some prison ownership type stuff. Anyways…I can’t hate. Do what you have to do to get ahead.

  2. ALSO….

    that is not his son.
    he is not his father.
    and again, why didn’t the other members follow suit and kiss baby like that?

    face it.
    it’s suspect.

    1. Well i remember in an interview where BG said wayne is pretty much brainwashed by Baby. That at one point BG would have done whatever Baby said but maybe not the kissing thing. His explanation was wayne didn’t know any better. But you don’t necessarily have to be blood relatives to have a father/ son relationship. However, in our culture, it isn’t really common for you to kiss your father on the lips after a certain age. Especially on television. If it was on the cheek i think the conversation would be different.

  3. my take…

    the average man doesn’t kiss and greet on the lips like that.
    the average rapper never greeted each other like that.
    and if two men kiss,
    because i have seen two men kiss and be straight as rulers,
    it is usually a peck on the cheek during an embrace.
    that was a full on “come here baby” smack on the lips.

    … and why did the rest who piled in there follow suit?

  4. OMG ITS REAL!!! I thought that picture was just of them being caught at the wrong moment leaving from an embrace. But omg its real! I don’t get into that father/son thing. I dont see too many people kissing their parental units like that. But lets talk about whats really important…

    REMEMBER RAP CITY DA BASEMENT?!?! That was THE show back in the day if u wanted to see rappers be themselves.

  5. Doesnt seem gay to me. You see in other countries, men hold hands and do kiss and that is just saying hello or a genuine love for one another. America seems to be one of the only ones hell bent on men not even looking at each other too long. everything is just labeled gay in 5 seconds.

    1. That’s gay .

      LOL im kidding, but ur rite….
      just the other day they published an article on how Game changed his hair color red
      and BOOM
      he’s gay

      really… a hair color change is going to make you gay now… i mean really…
      goes to show how shallow many people are

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