rihanna, beyonce, and solange are the holy trinity of 2016?

late ’97 into early ’98.
3 pop divas,
all different,
created musical magic based on their various experiences.

One was dealing with the freedom that came from leaving her ex-husband.
One was dealing with depression from an unfaithful husband.

One was dealing with continuing her relevancy within a changing culture.

butterfly (september ’97).
the velvet rope (october ’97).
ray of light (february ’98).
this is how the holy trinity was formed.

sidebar: i personally listen to the velvet rope first,
and end it with ray of light.

each album was raw,
and honest.
by the end of the albums,
you felt a shift.
it is said these albums are their magnum opus.
many gay males found solace and strength within their lyrics.
each of their albums has helped me overcome in some way.
the ig foxhole has been poppin’ about this since i posted it first there.
i wanted to circle back to 2016 tho…

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madonna adds “gay” to her new era of “what is happening here?”

poor madonna.
she is having a hard time with the aging process.
her antics as of late are really unbecoming of a legend.
it’s one thing to have a youthful spirit and it’s another to be madonna.
she decided that it was time for her to make another statement

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if we are lucky enough,
we will all age eventually.
we have lost folks to death that won’t experience the aging process.
rip to my dear star fox.
when you are someone who depends on youth and sexiness,
the aging process can be tough.
society can be especially cruel to women who age,
which is crazy cause many are aging amazingly.

Angela Basset (63)
Halle Berry (55)

J. Lo (52)
Salma Hayek (55)

Mariah Carey (53)
Gabrielle Union (49)
Regina Hall (51)
Regina King (51)
Naomi Campbell (51)
Sanaa Lathan (50)
Taraji P. Henson (51)
Viola Davis (56)
Octavia Spencer (51)
The black RHOA and reality show older gals (the late 40s and 50s)

and so many others to name a few.

Remember when our parents introduced us to their friends and they looked old af in their 30s and 40s?

people don’t age like how they did in the past.
i think it’s a combo of
beauty/make-up products are more advanced,
 working out/active lifestyles is heavily promoted,
what is being a grown-up?,
getting your back blown out by a 20 something,
and people
smoke outside.
who is 63 like angela bassett,
doesn’t seem to be enjoying her aging process.

from ( x her ig posts) to this video she uploaded on tiktok


madonna’s son david has what it takes to stop police brutality against black folks

i made ^this same reaction at this following story.
ya know,
i fucks with madonna.
when i want to be a spiritual and unapologetic whore,
i turn on her music.
one of my biggest problems with madonna is she can’t seem to find a seat.
even in a furniture store,
she wouldn’t be able to locate one chair.
madonna was feeling like she needed to speak out in regards of george floyd.
she got her son,
to do it instead and well…
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madonna releases a statement to try and stop the dragging

everyone is dragging madonna today for that aretha “tribute”.
they took that head piece off she wore last night and snatched her bald.
well in the middle of buying castor oil,
she decided to post a statement on her instagram.
this is what she had to font…

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Britney Spears Shows You What “Vocals” Are

what i love about streaming music,
we can listen to so many albums we never gave a chance.
sidebar: the other day i was listening to fiona apple’s album,

lowkey obsessed.
so i was actually listening to britney’s older discography the other night.
some of her bubblicious pop music has aged terribly,
but even still,
she has a serious catalog of hits.
she turned 36 today.
happy birthday britney!
madonna decided to sing “toxic” for “world’s aids day” yesterday.

for world’s aids day…
i can’t.
britney decided to return the acapella favor with elvis presley’s,
“can’t help falling in love”

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