madonna’s son david has what it takes to stop police brutality against black folks

i made ^this same reaction at this following story.
ya know,
i fucks with madonna.
when i want to be a spiritual and unapologetic whore,
i turn on her music.
one of my biggest problems with madonna is she can’t seem to find a seat.
even in a furniture store,
she wouldn’t be able to locate one chair.
madonna was feeling like she needed to speak out in regards of george floyd.
she got her son,
to do it instead and well…

yes madonna.
get your black son to go and do a little jig for black lives matter.
ya know,
because that doesn’t look coontastic.

it’s like kendall jenner giving the cops a pepsi for world peace.

sometimes i wish that she wasn’t such a blatant attentionista.
that she would understand her place as a legend.
she should be teaching the new girls how to fuck shit up,
but instead,
she is fuckin’ her own legacy up.
i’ll never forget when she made the entire aretha franklin tribute at the mtv awards about her:

i should be more surprised her son didn’t dance to one of her own songs,

Author: jamari fox

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11 thoughts on “madonna’s son david has what it takes to stop police brutality against black folks”

  1. I saw this on Madonna’s IG and I scrolled right past it. I don’t see the point in whatever it is her son is doing. I think she wrote a statement on iG and she should’ve just left at that.

  2. Um, she posted a few anti Police posts before that Were about the same issue and still is a mother of a son she has to worry about -dancing to a mj song about police brutality from way back Is a positive supportive statement for the right reasons and she always posts her kids doing stuff- she always put poc on equal footing which no one else did Back then—-this song /video is sooo powerful- put the energy towards the real racist bc theres sooo many out there , not this pointless distraction from real issues

      1. Madonna don’t live in America. Where does her son have to worry about police brutality? Madonna has a lawyer like Uncle Phil from Fresh Prince you crazy as hell.

        1. these injustices are terrible and tragic and one doesnt need to live in America to be either worried, disgusted or upset about police brutality. Any decent human being around the world should be rightly upset and worried about police brutality.

        2. Injustice is injustice period. Do we hear about any other countries injustice, no. Does that mean it doesn’t exists, no. Please don’t give me that ignorant bullshit because any decent human being regardless of where you are wouldn’t take someone dying and make fun of it by playing Michael Jackson’s They Don’t Care About Us. What the fuck is that going to do. Her son is not in Minnesota nor any state in the United States where we as black men accomplish surviving on a day-to-day dodging bullets from our own people and from cops who listen to a President that says “when looting starts, shooting starts”. Madonna and her son don’t walk streets like that period! Wherever she is, I’m pretty sure its nothing compared to America. From my understanding blacks live way better in England. How many blacks have died in England that made the news Worldwide? Don’t worry I’ll wait.

  3. We complain when famous people don’t speak up. But they do we want them to shut up. I have not seen not one black celebrity say anything. That to me is a problem.

    1. Say that shit again! All the powerful black people who can get together and make sure Barack Obama get elected all of a sudden seem to be sleep somewhere. They can make commercials to get out and vote but you can’t make commercials to say stop killing us. The same black man who every NFL team is afraid to hire has been saying for years, I kneel because my people are being killed from police brutality. We took knees with him, they got mad and said we disrespected the flag. We stood up and said nothing and just raised our hands, they got mad. Here in 2020, it happens again. Even after Eric Garner. Them cops knew that was too much if Eric Garner died from being choked! That officer put his knee in that man neck. I’m so tired of seeing serial white killers being talked down while holding assault rifles and knives and being painted as “troubled” while innocent black lives are being killed and looked at as “criminals”. Stop making posts saying you with us and you not! Help do something. We still are judged by the same Judicial System that saw Emmit Till “justified”. Ahmaud Arbery was gunned down by civilians and his killing was “justified” because he fit the description of a robbery suspect. If Jon Stewart can go to Congress and get a bill change, what is our powerful people doing. Why they not speaking out? They only get involved when it’s convenient for them.

  4. Just…ugh…I would like to see more black celebrities speak up, but Ms. Ciccone has been in need of seats for awhile now.

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