shaun t is still dancing better us and some of our favs

oh hi biceps.
i was never into shaun t all like that,
but he has gotten really attractive as he ages.
i think most folks need to age gracefully instead of trying to look young.
so shaun t is fully invested into the tik tok dance crazes.
it’s very “on brand” for him anyway.
this is what he was trending for…

i won’t judge,
but he is better than my ass.
i’m more of a “wickedest slam” type of dancer than doing full on choreography.
i can work a crotch,
but i can’t do a full 8 count.
i’m okay with that.
shaun is still in good shape and into this whole tik tok situation:


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#Humpday Dance! I’ve been working on this thing for 42 Years πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

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oh hi biceps again.
okay shaun.

he is living his best life and still looks good af too:

i bet his hubby is all over him and i’d be mad if he wasn’t.

low-key: i really enjoyed this video from shaun…

i love love love what he had to say about his anxiety…

i feel you shaun!

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17 thoughts on “shaun t is still dancing better us and some of our favs”

  1. Sorry, I’m all for giving people their props but most people on Twitter were saying he looks like somebody’s old uncle LOL. Leave that tiktok shtt for the kids. And I won’t say anything about his who he chooses to shares his intimate spaces with…. πŸ˜’

  2. I could never do insanity because he flirts too much with the camera and it’s really distracting.

      1. The NFL is still trying to get the fans into Male Cheerleaders but its not working. They only have 2 male cheerleaders so car out of all the teams

  3. I didn’t recognize him with hair. He is unproblematic and feeling himself. Good for him. It’s not easy to put yourself out there…. authentically. So props to him.

  4. He’s looks like someone’s old uncle trying to be cool. I think him and his (I’m assuming that’s his husband) look good. It’s a little jarring to see pops on an app for teenagers but apparently TikTok is a thing with adults too. I like the one with him and his bae with the wine night. That one I can vibe with… The rest of them are somewhat amusing if not on the edge of annoying except for the Twitter one. That one is the best one and actually something empowering. For gay and bi men with kids who are in long lasting relationships with the same sex, it really is something great to hear him say.

    Of course I was joking about his age… Everybody gotta get old someday….

    Finally a tweet post from someone who has some semblance of refinement in their character.

    He lives in Los Angeles….I’d like to move there. It’s pretty gay friendly and a good place for family and stuff. The weather is probably the best.

  5. I just recently “re-discovered” Shaun T via social media. He is aging well and I am very happy to see an older (relative) black gay man who dances for fun. It’s probably me but I know so many who “don’t dance”. I have never tried his exercise stuff but his IG is cool…

  6. Who said TikTok was for teenagers? All I see is Adults on it. Its about having fun. Lip syncing your favorite movie lines, dancing, comedy, anything. Its all fun. Shaun got me hooked on their Wine Nights. They don’t talk fitness, they talk straight adult talk. The last one he was talking about fleshlights with Sherri Shepard. Sherri said she was tired of giving head so Shaun went and got the Fleshlight. He uses it often and plans on getting Scott to use it. He even brings people on to ask Adult Questions

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