dez bryant is happy, tweeting, and colored about his appreciation to “dope white folks”

(kinda not) nfl baller wolf,
dez bryant,
is still a chocolate fantasy.
i love looking at him in this video:

dez is known for his blunt outspokenness,
but it always ends up with folks coming for him.
he responded to the following on his twitter and it had many in a tizzy…

and of course,
he responded to every grenade being thrown at him:

…and so on and so forth.
in times like this,
that probably wasn’t the smartest thing to co-sign.
instead of speaking out about the issues happening,
this looks very “#alllivesmatter” to me.
realistically tho,
not every white person is a demon,
just like not every black person adheres to “skinfolk means kinfolk”.
we should all know this.
right now,
the best course of action is acknowledging the injustices against black people.
john “bae”ega is ( x doing that effectively ).
dez using his platform to highlight how some white folks are “a-ok!” is not the move.
i know his team must be like:

…after they see his antics.

low-key: i’m shocked he handled this so well tbh…

why do i feel he was low-key banished from the nfl?

21 thoughts on “dez bryant is happy, tweeting, and colored about his appreciation to “dope white folks”

  1. I just wanted to respond, I think Jammys comments on this one are way off. I think their needs to be a deep dive in to history and a lot of context.
    1. American Chattel Slave was an incredibly unique thing in world history and that oppression and brutality built the most powerful nation the world has ever know to date. Black people built this country and were the wealth of this nation and have been subsequently locked out of full American enfranchisement as a collective whole.
    2. We need to stop making this argument that there are bad people on both sides, that is academically dishonest. It might be true that there are plenty of people out in the world who might not like someone because of their race, but it is entirely a different thing when you have the power to enact policies to express that mentality. A black person for example may not like a white person because of their race ( and that would be wrong) but that black person doesn’t have a vehicle to systematically oppress that white person conversely that white person does.
    3. I do believe black people should be recognized for our contribution to this country. I think everyone has it so twisted. Do we ( you Jammy) not understand that black people literally built this country fought in every war it is upon our backs that this nation stands, even birthright citizenship the vaulted 14th amendment is because of black people.

  2. I see SOME truth in his comments. There are some good Euro-American people. Let’s not forget though that racism is not an American thing & occurs all over the world and yes, in some places “White” people also face discrimination…. While, I get bored with talking about race most of the time….

    Hawaiians don’t like some Euro American tourists the same way some, Euro-Americans don’t like strolling through the hood. Hell, I don’t even like strolling through the hood which can have all races smashed up in there and have different names depending on the country you are in.

    I’ve see a number of people who say African Americans can’t be racist and that is bullshit. Some of the posts I’ve ran across push the notion that “Whites” think they are superior and minorities can’t be racist but if you took them out of their little American bubbles & showed them how things occur in other countries in terms of skin color, there’d be no words. Asians, Indians and many others can have some nasty terms for dark colored skin, just like some “Blacks” have some rude words for other races like Mayonnaise, Pasty, Cracker…etc. It’s all racist.

    A common problem I see on social media & sometimes even on here, is that if you don’t agree with the majority & their emotional agenda, you’re a coon, lack intelligence or aren’t invited to the cookout. I’m far from a coon or being unintelligent. I approach situations with logic, not rampant and vapid emotions. You can quickly tell which people are easy to manipulate into outrage.

    Most of these fools, don’t even know what’s it’s like to be hosed down, or having to sit at the back of the bus or drink from a separate water fountain because they are a different color. They speak to be seen, not heard….

    Main reason why I deleted or blocked most of my social media was because of these E-activist. Both the men and women.

    They always be messy with comments that make it seem like things would be different if Blacks would be allowed to do something…..

    For example:

    Blacks would dominate every sport they join if given the opportunity.

    Ain’t no woman powerful, like a black woman.

    They be saying it’s to promote positivity but they being messy.

    When you bring up facts like, Blacks kill each other more than any other race. The audience becomes tone deaf…and say, but the White man….they did this to us…

    For the millionth time….African Americans ARE NOT the only race of people who went through slavery. Slavery was a common thing all over the world in that time and the slave trade involved many different races to many different areas. The majority of Blacks where shipped to South America not North America. That’s not excusing racism but it is painting a bigger picture.

    The truth of the fact, is that discrimination exists all over the world and it’s not restricted to African Americans and just because you are discriminated against doesn’t mean you can’t become successful and productive in life. You will face obstacles, that’s just a part of life.

    If you don’t like something, change it, if you can’t change it, fix your attitude.

    Discrimination will never end….as long as the human race exists.

    SOME African Americans want everyone to recognize Black History month but have no words for Asian Heritage Month or Latino Heritage Month following afterwards. They want people to recognize their struggles but sidetrack others as if ONLY Black people went through struggles or had troubles in history then turn around and say, “If Blacks were allowed to do this….”

    Ummm, you can do whatever you want. The only person holding you back is you…blame whoever you want but that won’t change anything. It’s been going on before you were born and will continue after you die.

    That doesn’t mean you let people run over you, but you pick and choose your battles wisely and move precisely like a game of Chess.

    It’s very true that nice guys finish last. The smart ones are who finish first.

    Some people get the memo and move on and change their approach to life…while others don’t…and keep reliving a past they never knew.

    Albert Einstein defines insanity as “Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”

  3. So, in my opinion, one of the real problems with Dez Bryant’s comments is that it lacks nuance. Mr. Bryant has been dealing with the upper echelon of elite white people for the majority of his life, people who he has made millions for and who view him as an asset, commodity, and an investment. Most of the white people Mr. Bryant has had to deal with were probably praising his name and so that needs to be made apparent when you make a statement like the one he has made, which I find a lot of athletes and celebrities tend to make, their experience in American with white people may be vastly different than the everyday black person i.e Jamal from the southside of Chicago, let us say.

    While I would tend to agree with Mr. Bryant’s statement that in essence “All white people” are not bad, I think we need to start having an honest conversation about white allies and their numbers. For most of my life, I feel like I have been lead to believe that the vast majority of white people in America were decent people who stood up for injustice but as I have gotten older I believe the truth of the matter is that only about 5 – 10% of white people in America are allies who are willing to put it on the line. If 30%, 40%, or 50% of white people were true allies then the “ War on Drug” wouldn’t have lasted as long as it has and been exclusively fought in the black community at the expense of black bodies, broken window policies and “ Stop and Frisk” wouldn’t have lasted as long as it did in New York and other parts of the country, police accountability would’ve been handled 30 years ago after Rodney King, etc. A lot of the problems in the Black community are policy-based that have largely been enacted and supported by white people.

  4. If we categorize all white people as racist we just as bad as the racist. The systems of this country is built to maintain power with whites yes, but i have some cool genuine white folks who called me to say ‘I see you and understand the rage” and asked how they can help. I said this aint gonna change until you and other white folks who really give a damn change this country because we are tired and we have tried and i believe they got the point…but this will not end until the entire structure and system if this country are destroyed

  5. What if I went to a support group for rape victims and started saying “Not all men are rapists. I know some dope men”?

    What a coon. I can’t imagine being a minority and defending the majority. They don’t need defending as their skin is a security blanket. You’re a fool and skinfolk is not kinfolk.

  6. If that’s his personal truth, okay! But like RiRi said, tell them “dope WP’s” to pull up! Show me you’re a “real dope” one.

  7. Both Dez and Shamiek suffer from what I like to call “H.M.S “.Handsome Man Syndrome. Men who have this very real condition are always physically attractive but don’t really know that they’re dumb. It’s quite unfortunate. But with some solid reading assignments coupled with tough love and patience( on both parts especially on ours) the condition can go away. God speed!

  8. Dez…umm …Dez I am happy to see that you seem to be in a place of contentment. Seems like your demons have been expunged. Thank Goodness. I also understand what you were trying to say and yes not all white people are demons. Some of them really are really grounded and their heads are not stuck up their ass like most of them. Frankly we know them and we ain’t talking about them. But guess what, how many of these kool white people are on the front line How many of them are on the war front.

    We are at WAR Dez, right now, your people ARE AT WAR. How many of your kool homies are there behind you? How many of them were behind Colin? There were as many of them behind Colin as there are right now on the battle field- NONE.

    You see Dez, when you make statements like this you seem out of touch to your people and right now its not a time to be out of touch. Black people are tired of being tired. They are tired of being complacent. They are tired of the fuckery white people do to maintain their superiority. If you realize and acknowledge that this is a problem then join your brothers and sisters on the front line. Stop worrying about your paycheck and what you do to your community blah blah blah. They need you NOW. Your people are hurting. They have taken up arms. NOT one of your fellow athletes have said one fucking thing, except your star white boy from Texas JR and oh the wanna be Ali but not really tough as Ali Lebron who is quite good at MEMES , not one has said anything. Some post MEMES to look kool but none has joined the battlefield. .Mums the word from black NFL athletes. So what kind of message is that communicating to the community?

    C’mon Dez, Wake the Fuck Up bro. Its not about the nice white people, its about the dying black people of which the last time I checked you are one of them. There will be a cold day in hell when we see all athletes stand in solidarity for systematic racial oppression but until hell freezes over, PRETEND to understand the hurt of George’s Family. Pretend to understand the pain the black community is facing and then go in your bathroom , turn on the lights, look in the mirror and remember who the fuck you are!

    1. You know what, Dez was the first to announce that his team would now stand and follow the rules while other players took a knee and paid the small fine. His career went downhill after that. Now he can’t even get signed by that same team.

  9. Most crime/violence(over 90%) is intraracial meaning the victim and offender are the same race so I always find it interesting that people use the term “black on black crime/violence” but rarely say “white on white crime/violence”.

    But anyway back to Dez Bryant maybe if he had tweeted about George Floyd BEFORE this tweet it wouldn’t seem so tone deaf.

  10. People who have met him have said he is really fucking dumb in person.

    Who knows if he was already that way or it’s brain damage from playing in the NFL.

  11. I get where he is coming from but for all black folks to come together, the black on black violence must stop and I hope what happened to George Floyd bring them together.

    1. Hmmm why don’t we tackle white on white violence first since there are so many more of them killing each other??

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