trump agrees that when the looting starts so does the shooting as well

you gotta let these jackals and hyenas walk into their own traps.
twitter is coming from trump.
as you know,
they had to fact check him and it sent him into a tailspin of temper.
( x read it here )
don’t fuck with these attentionisto’s social medias.
you gonna unleash the demons of the 7 samurais going down that route.
because of all of this,
there is taylor swift type of “bad blood” in these social media forests.
trump came out of pocket with this tweet today about the riots in minneapolis…

“when the looting starts, the shooting starts”?

twitter came through with the much needed flagging:

x see twitter’s rules on the violation

he took the same tirade over to his ig:


America has been turned completely upside down.

i thought we were in a deadly pandemic,
but have found ourselves in a race war.
i pray that we can find peace within it all.
this is one of the reasons it was wise to use the rona as a time to go inward.
we need to be spiritually,
and mentally strong to handle all that is to come.
this is getting reeeeeeediculous.

low-key: black folks…


trump’s tweet was basically in agreement to shoot and kill on sight.
we will be the ones killed first.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

9 thoughts on “trump agrees that when the looting starts so does the shooting as well”

  1. Look at that goon capitalizing THUG, talking about black folks like that but when the white folks going to the building with guns and rifles, they’re “good people!” That orange face clown deserve to be censor for imploring ppl be shot! That’ll incite an even bigger riot when more ppl die at the hands of the military.

      1. 2020 is going to go down in history as the worst year ever. Race war and the virus is what going to bring down humanity!

  2. Is no one’s gonna mention that there were white people looting and setting fire to stores during that riot?

    The honky’s are just doing what they’ve always done. Destroy their own property then say a black person did it to get us lynched by a mob of crackers. Hate is in their blood.

    1. There is proof that the person that started the looting was a white police officer disguise as a protestor breaking windows and shit.

  3. I don’t disagree with him in the aspect that they will eventually start shooting and killing each other.

    That’s the ole’ “Move or you will be removed,” American spirit for ya.

    This is like watching an Apocalyptic film where the survivors mow down the oncoming zombies (in this instance; mindless protestors) in a barrage of bullets.

    In such films, the mindless zombies are ushered by some outside contamination, usually some kind of plague…we’ll use Covid-19 as a placeholder.

    In fits of rage, the zombies will attack anything that moves, to appease their hunger for living flesh, in this instance, brains, ironically glorifing their lack of them as they rush in for the kill, impervious to the warnings but not to the bullets which are about to seal their fates.

    By the film’s finale, most of the original cast
    ( composed of minorities or odd people) has either been turned, killed or sacrificed themselves so that the last two survivors can make it to the end. It’s always the last two…that makes it to the end.

  4. Chicago Mayor told Trump, she has two words for him. It starts with an ‘F’ and ends with ‘you’.

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