the zaya wade stans had to drag hill harper for his alleged ‘dumb blonde moment’

i can understand a ‘dumb blond moment‘.
there are times when i have them so i get it.
i try to respect others by calling them by their right pronouns,
but i can have a slip up without malicious intent.
i had to ask myself tho:

“Is Hill Harper having a ‘dumb blonde moment’?”

so it was zaya wade’s birthday yesterday.
SHE got a ig post from HER step mother,
gabrielle union.

hill sent birthday wishes to HER as well,
but he ended up getting dragged in the comments

“young man“?
“letters to a young brother“?
he could have wished HER a happy birthday without all the extra.
some people are making excuses that hill didn’t know zaya is trans but um…

Does Hill live under a rock when he isn’t acting?

zaya’s transitioning was all over the news.
it was the subject of shit tons of criticism from homophobic rappers.
i had to wonder

Was this an honest ‘dumb blonde moment’?

of course,
he got dragged by black twitter and sent an apology:

even tho i feel like everyone is angry at world right now,
and sensitivity will be at 90% at everything,
ima def need hill to update his files since he’s a family friend.
if he didn’t know about zaya,
he might not be as close to that family (or his news apps) than he thought.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

10 thoughts on “the zaya wade stans had to drag hill harper for his alleged ‘dumb blonde moment’”

  1. Though we accept ,relate and understand this child’s journey, this is new for many people .


    Do any of you know a “Transgender” child personally, family , neighbor etc,???? I don’t.

    It seems like only the “Rich and Famous” have the only Transgender children.

    I think its wonderful because the High Profile nature of it.

    All children need acceptance!!!

    It may take time for all to get onboard. They will because they MUST(smile)

  2. The birthday wish could’ve been a slip up but then he promoted his book “letters to a young BROTHER” yea he knew what he was doing!

    1. All I know is his book fucking sucks. It’s a very rigid view of young black manhood. I read it about six years ago when I was searching for guidance. After I finished it I felt that I wasted my time reading it.

  3. I don’t think he was aware of the situation as a straight counter partner tho i guess the pictures weren’t much of a give away. Met him once at a voting precinct and very vocal in the political community and proactive figure.

  4. “he could have wished HIM a happy birthday without all the extra” Jamari are you trying to get dragged too ?? LOL

    1. ^simple mistake louis!
      thank you for pointing it out.
      i made the necessary changes but if you see anything else,
      feel free to let me know 😘

  5. This man is STRAIGHT and 54 years OLD! He dnt know a “transgender” from a Netflix account! Lol, That is not his life, and I’m sure not something that he ever thinks about, Also Zaya is not transitioning so to anyone that looks at her they see a MALE, so he congratulated based on what he SAW (straight males especially are visual creatures, they don’t typically act off emotion) I genuinely do not believe he was TRYING to be ignorant

  6. So let’s call a spade a spade. Kelly Rowland is a family friend to Beyoncé so she should definitely know if Blue was a girl or boy, right? The Wade’s have been very vocal and supportive about his daughters Zaya and new baby. He has been on ESPN defending his kids. So you mean to tell me that a family friend doesn’t know what his friend family is up to; bullshit. Either you not a family friend or you been living in total social media blackout. Either way, when you log onto Gab’s or Dwayne’s social media, you SEE them talking about Zaya and see them call her a girl and daughter. Therefore, your post was deliberately and you got called on your bullshit! If you are a family friend, they should have the book already. A simple happy birthday Zaya would have been ok. Stop falling for these apologies when “twitter” or “black twitter” calls them out because its clear, they never meant to apologize. Its a simple “edit post” to fix it. We all do it, either typing too fast, swiping too fast, or autocorrect kicks in. Hill a good person but that lie right there, not falling for that. Three lies in one statement: “Him”, “read my book, Letters to a young brother”, and “family friend”. That’s how people get uninvited to “family functions”.

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