beyonce’s ig post about george floyd wasn’t a hit with some of you

when there is a social issue going on,
people’s lives aren’t complete unless beyonce addresses it.
black person dies because of police brutality?
b’s voice is the harp of justice and peace to right every wrong.
so when she used her voice on her ig,
i was shocked to see her getting critiqued by some folks…

so the message was great for her humongous platform,
but most people are talmbout

The filter she used.

a live look at beyonce after the comments started rolling in:

i will admit that it was quite distracting.
it made her eyes look really dead for some reason.
it came off like she filmed that at 1am after a long day with the kids.
she was more “alive” in this one:


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maybe b was just tired when she filmed it?
i mean that in every sense of the word.

i guess this is one of those moments where we appreciate all that she is doing,
regardless of however the message was constructed.

Author: jamari fox

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17 thoughts on “beyonce’s ig post about george floyd wasn’t a hit with some of you”

  1. Well, at least she isn’t out here “spreading awareness” by being butt ass naked like adult performer, Papi Suave/@jesus_really_ ….

  2. At a time like this, this is what people focus on? SMH! I will say though Beyonce does look dead behind the eyes sometimes. But I’m glad she’s speaking out.

  3. Really????? . A Filter .????

    Is My Thought process that different that I feel as though I missed something???

  4. It’s time we have a real conversation about the
    Lawson-Carter-Knowles clan and their contribution to capitalism-supremacy which ultimately is a by-product of the situation were currently in, in this country right now.

    1. Why do yall do that. Take the most basic, topics that have been discussed for years and make it seem like it’s this unique subject matter that no one can digest then finish off by saying “we’re not ready for it”. If you believe people aren’t ready for it than what’s the intent of mentioning it?

      1. “Hyperbole” if you have access to a dictionary and aren’t illiterate please look it up! That’s the meaning of my last statement.. y’all are exhausting

        1. Not illiterate at all, I’m far from that. It’s not the message it’s the way its conveyed. The way you laid out your statement it comes off as condescending. Much like the “hoteps” when they feel like they’ve mentioned something that makes them more enlightened than the majority. That “but yall ain’t ready for this conversation ” is the MOST overly used phrase ever and ironically monolithic itself 😑🙄

          1. Maybe it was meant to be condescending, honestly idgaf how you feel. These celebrities not paying your bills but it’s simps like you who’ll defend them at all cost, when they’re faced with any amount of criticism.

    2. Kevin please speak on it. to many of yall are blinded and refuse to criticize her now i love beyonce just a much as the next person and i respect all that she has done her and her family, but lets call a thing a thing. that video had no emotion no soul. did anyone feel anything ? that’s my problem she and her family hold so much power and at a time when she could use her POWERFUL voice to really send a msg she used it to be polite not to offend the other because that would effect the other. where is the anger! she is responsible for giving a voice to the voiceless….. is this what you would say in the face of your oppressor !? who has been killing us for centuries!!! and to kevins point pat attention to those who speak up and make sure they cash in on our black pain……..and dont get me started on her mother telling us we should be grateful her daughter started a petition like wtf A DAM PETITION WTF WILL THAT DO!

  5. I saw her posts and commended her for it.
    How many others have done the same ?
    How many athletes have done the same?
    How many of the same people were criticizing Colin Kapernick ?
    I’m no fan of Beyonce and not one a member of her Hive but More power to her

  6. I wish people would stop acting like Beyoncé is God!
    It’s like you can have thirty high profile celebs make a statement about injustice, but when Beyoncé does it…it’s like the gates of heaven just open up.
    Yes, I’m not a beehive member lol
    She is very talented but at the end of the day or start…Her shit stinks when she takes a dump just like you and me! 😉

  7. I wish you guys would stop acting like beyonce should not be open to criticism. The issue at lease for me had nothing to do with the filter, but to do with the wording and the undertone of this video. It was very complicit not to offend anyone. This isn’t the time to be polite! Beyonce QUEEN B with the power that she has could have at lease showed some real emotion expressed some pain that the rest of us black folks with no voice are feeling I wish I could see something from her that would make us feel anything. IT IS MOST DEFINITELY HER RESPONSIBILITY TO do so as much money she has made of us and how we hold her up so high

  8. Yall are really ridiculous sometimes. Let’s be clear, that woman owes nothing to anybody. Yall didn’t give her your money out of charity, she gave you albums and shows and yall paid for it. Again she DOES NOT owe you ANYTHING !!! She doesn’t have to speak on this, she chose to. And just because she doesn’t express herself the way yall want her to, you’re mad. Not everybody is to be angry facing injustice. Some stay composed and polite, some are angry, some joke about it because that’s their way to cope. Stop projecting your emotions on people. The funny thing yall are the same people saying Beoncé is not God, but at the same time yall act like she’s supposed the speak for all black people and save everbody. She spoke about it and your problems are : the filter ; why is she so polite… Yall are really sad. And like Miss Tina said yall really make it difficult to do anything at all.

    People dragged Madona’s son because he was dancing on “They don’t care about us” as if that child could do anything ; dragged Halle and Chloe saying “we are tired of the singing”. People are really out there try to tell other people how the should express their feelings.

  9. I’m not a Beyoncé super fan, I like her, but not a Stan so I can comment unbiased, and honestly I dnt really see anything wrong with the post, I thing the docile tone is to handle this delicate situation with respect and to show compassion while addressing the topic, she still PROJECTED and executed her words clearly & sharply, so that shows to me she does CARE (or atleast believably portrayed she does) and as far as the filter, either one of two things 1. It’s this artsy way to bland her face, taking away her “BEYONCE-NES” so that you listen to the message or 2. She was having a bad skin day 🤷🏾‍♂️

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