let me throw this filter on my real life so ya’ll don’t know what is really going on


my friend’s wife’s sister.
always posting how much she loves her husband.
she puts up the lovey dove pics all over social media.
when she talks to her sister,
she tells her how much she HATES him.
she can’t stand him but social media tells a different story.


sexy personal training wolf.
he updates his IG and shows how hard he goes in the gym.
not only that,
he puts up pictures of how much of a life he has.
on another account,
it shows he hasn’t been in the gym since last year.
all the videos and pictures are old.
he actually is depressed af and is smoking his brains out.


my home wolf and his vixen.
in pictures,
they look so into each other.
you’d think they were the perfect couple but they’re constantly fighting and abusive to each other.
she puts paws on him and he does the same.
he has cheated on her and she took him back.
she doesn’t trust him,
he is annoyed by her,
but they both don’t want to be alone.


the “straight” wolf on social media living his best life.
he has all of these luxuries and is always traveling.
you’d think he had a business that was poppin’ in the background.
he is an escort and has no issue spreading his butt cheeks or giving the “gawk gawk 3000”.
he posts a lot of memes about working hard and achieving success,
but he uses his bawdy to live the life that he lives.
his girlfriend is also a prop to throw folks off his scent.

these are 4 of the many examples of how deceptive social media can be.
it made me wonder

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beyonce’s ig post about george floyd wasn’t a hit with some of you

when there is a social issue going on,
people’s lives aren’t complete unless beyonce addresses it.
black person dies because of police brutality?
b’s voice is the harp of justice and peace to right every wrong.
so when she used her voice on her ig,
i was shocked to see her getting critiqued by some folks…

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Fake It Until You Can Believe Your Smile

make sure its not crooked.
hold my hand.
i need this to be perfect.
we need people to believe this.
most importantly…
i need to believe this…

i use to believe the filter on pictures.
while it tends to make a picture look great,
the un-edited shot is usually the most truthful.
thats the one brings the most beauty
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Let’s Talk About A Real Rapper Named A$AP Rocky…

i been down with him since purple kisses and purple swag

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=USSez4WbAM8]
[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KuZ2QZKYj7c]

that shit is smooth.
it’s like he makes music to get high out your mind.
the reason i like a$ap is not only is his flow on point,
but he has no filter on his mouth.
i know he is going to be honest and blunt as hell.

like this:

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