*this is me at my mother’s grave shortly after her death.
i look like i was a legit drug dealer taking this pic.
the sean john outfit be matching tho.


my mother was “that vixen” in barbados.
she was a model and socialite,
but her weakness was popularity and athletic wolves.
sounds familiar…
from what i was told,
because of an ain’t shit jackal,
she was banished off the island.
after coming to america and suffering hard times

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happy birthday to my grandmother

growing up,
my grandmother was one of the important figures in my life.

when my mother was running wild in the forests of barbados,
it was my grandmother who made the sacrifice to take care of me as a baby.
i stayed at her spot during the week and saw my mother on weekends.
although her methods of parenting were very abusive

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this birthday weekend is hella trash.

in a perfect world in all transparency,
for my birthday weekend,
i wouldn’t be in new yawk.
check the scene:

I’d be traveling to another state with someone.
I’d be getting smashed and sucking dick all weekend.

We’d go see the sights,
I’d buy something pretty,
and I’d come back to new yawk to have a nice get together with friends,
celeb friends,
and foxholers.
I’d have that freshly vacationed and fucked glo’ while enjoying my folk’s company.

that’s a perfect world.
this year,
i have no plans and shit is a wash…

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happy birthday to me

oh hi.
it’s my birthday.
in barbados,
being born on the 5th means nothing.
when i came to america,
it’s a big ass deal.
i usually like to say that the fireworks are for me.
this past year was one for the record books tbh.
i don’t know how to describe it…
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the zaya wade stans had to drag hill harper for his alleged ‘dumb blonde moment’

i can understand a ‘dumb blond moment‘.
there are times when i have them so i get it.
i try to respect others by calling them by their right pronouns,
but i can have a slip up without malicious intent.
i had to ask myself tho:

“Is Hill Harper having a ‘dumb blonde moment’?”

so it was zaya wade’s birthday yesterday.
SHE got a ig post from HER step mother,
gabrielle union.

hill sent birthday wishes to HER as well,
but he ended up getting dragged in the comments

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