avery wilson took it all off and here we are

you know what i’ve noticed?
when people accept their truths,
males mostly,
they unlock this newfound confidence about themselves.
accepting your truth can come in many ways.
avery wilson strikes me as that type.
when he was on the voice,
he was still finding himself.

ever since he came out as bisexual back in 2020,
you can tell a weight was lifted off his shoulders.
his clothes have been lifted too cause he is feeling himself for his birthday…

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I am a whale, swimming in a circle, in an ocean that is too deep.

during my time offline for my birthday,
i decided to watch a movie called “the whale” starring brendan fraser.
in the movie,
he played said whale.
no seriously,
he was pretty large.


the movie touches on truth,
and forgiveness.
even with how cruel some of the people were to charlie (brendan fraser),
he still tried to show love and see the positive within their disgust/hatred.
from the start,
and end,
i was bawling in all kinds of ugly.
ever so often,
a movie comes along during a time i need to watch it.
“the whale” was it for me and i thought to myself…

Am I The Whale too?

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lil nas x is showing us that we don’t much excuses anymore

regardless of what you think of lil nas x,
one thing is for certain is that he is iconic.
many of us love to say that being black and gay holds us back.
we need to change our thinking.
i’m here to font that only we are holding ourselves back.
lil nas x celebrated his birthday the other day with a photo shoot.
hbd lnx btw!
this is how many likes he got on his post…

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happy birthday to my grandmother

growing up,
my grandmother was one of the important figures in my life.

when my mother was running wild in the forests of barbados,
it was my grandmother who made the sacrifice to take care of me as a baby.
i stayed at her spot during the week and saw my mother on weekends.
although her methods of parenting were very abusive

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this birthday weekend is hella trash.

in a perfect world in all transparency,
for my birthday weekend,
i wouldn’t be in new yawk.
check the scene:

I’d be traveling to another state with someone.
I’d be getting smashed and sucking dick all weekend.

We’d go see the sights,
I’d buy something pretty,
and I’d come back to new yawk to have a nice get together with friends,
celeb friends,
and foxholers.
I’d have that freshly vacationed and fucked glo’ while enjoying my folk’s company.

that’s a perfect world.
this year,
i have no plans and shit is a wash…

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