this birthday weekend is hella trash.

in a perfect world in all transparency,
for my birthday weekend,
i wouldn’t be in new yawk.
check the scene:

I’d be traveling to another state with someone.
I’d be getting smashed and sucking dick all weekend.

We’d go see the sights,
I’d buy something pretty,
and I’d come back to new yawk to have a nice get together with friends,
celeb friends,
and foxholers.
I’d have that freshly vacationed and fucked glo’ while enjoying my folk’s company.

that’s a perfect world.
this year,
i have no plans and shit is a wash…

Money is funny,
bills came out,
it’s raining,
I’ve gone on a sabbatical from my personal social media,
this delta rona has me on edge,
and I’m not really in the mood to do anything tbh.

i don’t feel like i’m where i wanna be so there is nothing to celebrate.
i’m not sad about doing nothing,
but i’m sadder i’m not at the level to do anything i’d like to do.

Is that wrong?


i am blessed and highly favored.
there are so many people that lovingly surround me.
from the people in my life to the foxhole.
it would be ignorant to not recognize those things,
but for once (or a lot of times) in my life,
i’d like to have a poppin’ birthday like everyone else.

there is always next year.

12 thoughts on “this birthday weekend is hella trash.

  1. Happy birthday! This summer is corny so don’t feel bad. Make the most out of it and keep building on your goals. Long term sustainability over short term joy.

  2. My best friend is a Cancer and we’re making it a birthday year since the pandemic has ruined everything. Plan to attend virtual events or prepare for things you want to do next year or later this year. Do not let birthdays define you.

    People have gone out of their way to ruin my birthday and I put so much emphasis on the day instead of appreciating that I was still here for another year of life.

    Especially during this pandemic, your life is so precious. So treat yourself in any way that you can. Maybe one of those sandwhiches that was ordered by accident and binge watch or game to your heart’s content.

    Happy Belated!

  3. Happy Birthday Jamari!!!

    As someone else already said, you’ll have plenty of birthdays to make up for this year. Don’t worry about it and just take things a day at a time.

  4. Happy Birthday my friend!!!! You still have youth, talent and good looks on your side!!!

    This is not your last birthday .

    I promise there will be Birthdays in your future full of Fun, Love, Dick and more!!!

    CLAIM IT !!!!!!!

  5. @Jay We have so much in common, so he’s mine too. For example, he’s apparently born one day before me.

  6. Happy Birthday! I understand what you’re saying I’m feeling the same way. It’s only temporary. How long is temporary? Well that I don’t know, lol

    1. I totally understand where you are coming from lol. Hope u have a fantastic birthday.

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