let me add you to my close friends so you can see my nudes

besides tiktok and vine,
i’ve been on pretty much every social media.
some hit; others didn’t.
my social media experience goes like this:

If I want you to see something,
I will.
If I don’t,
you won’t.

i’m pretty open on my social media platforms.
you see how transparent i am on the foxhole.
i’ve never used the “close friends” feature because,
i dunno:

My close friends are in real life and have my phone number.

twitter is coming out with an interesting new feature like all the others

Only selected people can see your tweets

what would be the point of twitter then?
it’s a place to share your thoughts to the world.

this is what “macrumors” had to font:

Twitter is considering letting users post select tweets for “Trusted Friends” only. That’s the name of a feature the social media platform is testing that would allow users to limit the audience for specific content to a smaller circle of people.

Based on design concepts shared by the company (via TechCrunch), Trusted Friends could be a toggle that lets you indicate whether a tweet should be made public or be shown to just a handful of users. The idea is similar to Instagram’s “Close Friends” feature, which lets users share personal Stories more privately.

i’ll be 100,
i think that shit is big-time corny.
true story:

“Yo you see what _________ posted?
Are you under their close friends?”


“Hole up,
lemme screenshot this shit and send you.”

if you have something so personal that only “close friends” can see:

Why not send it via text,
or DM?

it’s not like people won’t screenshot your shit.
it’s not like they don’t have mouths to gossip about what you posted.
sometimes your close friends are your worst enemies.
folks will legit have 100 people on their close friends to show them a throw rug.
you know someone probably screenshotted that shit to show someone else,

social media are spaces where you show all your shit to the world.
if you are gonna hide certain parts on yourself on a public time:

Don’t use it.

lowkey: i love the “see my nudes under my close friends” crowd.
why not open up an onlyfans and charge a separate fee to see the goods?

article: macrumors

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

2 thoughts on “let me add you to my close friends so you can see my nudes”

  1. I get what you mean but I think we are seeing it from a younger perspective and you know younger people are full of drama and a hot mess. I imagine you could use it, not to say shit that is messy or things that are too private but I imagine parent might want to post the christmas photos of the family but aren’t comfortable making their kid’s photos completely public. Maybe a nice way to post about memes or pictures of hobbies that might not look so great on a professional persons page (for example I looooove tv dramas but I would feel a little embarrased posting thinkpieces on who the potential killer is so publicly, it doesn’t mesh with my page).

  2. I remember that singer being outed by one of his close friends on ig. Social media friends in general are always tricky. I won’t be engaging in any of that close friends foolishness though.

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