happy birthday to me | accountability | july 5th

cousin hybrid waited until today to send me a few shots of me as a little fox in barbados.
my love for socks started early.
i am happy that he waited until my birthday which is today tbh.
it was more special.
so i’m gonna do an accountability entry but a little different.
this will be my birthday edition but my accountability for this upcoming lap around the sun…

i will spend more time dedicated to achieving my career.

i don’t want any male in my life who isn’t confident in who he is.
i don’t need no “gay/bi on tuesday but straight on wednesday” type of confusion.
even if he is discreet,
i need him to give me the same energy as i give him.
i am completely over dealing with any idiots going forward.

no “pick me” friendships.
if you don’t want to be a friend to me,
trust me,
ill always have someone dope to chill with.
the way my career is going,
my next friend could lead me to my blessings.

some people are just not worth the stress.

i will continue to jump headfirst into my therapy journey no matter how much it hurts.
i am making tremendous strides so far.

it’s ok to not be ok.

more travel in 2021-22.

i’ll go out (2) weekends a month.
i will push past my social anxiety to be out in these streets.

continuing to enjoy and recognize my blessings.
i have a lot to be grateful for.

i want to meet rihanna this year.

ijf merch and mugs coming soon.

going with the flow.
i will not force anything or anyone.

if i look hard enough,
ill see the blessing.

Father God:

I’m thankful that you allowed me to see another year of my life.
I am grateful for all my blessings so far and all the blessings coming to me.
May you continue to protect me,
those I love,
and those who hate me.

I feel this is going to be an amazing year for me and I’m excited for what’s next.
May you bless my family,
and enemies.
May you make my enemies my footstools and allow me to walk over them to my destiny.
Thank you,
Lord and The Universe,

in your son Christ Jesus name,

thank you for all the support and love foxhole!
gonna chill tonight but ill be back tomorrow.

lowkey: if anyone wants to send me a birthday blessing…

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36 thoughts on “happy birthday to me | accountability | july 5th”

  1. APPLAUSE!!!!!

    Happy Birthday!!!!

    That picture is so adorable. That little angel in that photograph deserves to be a happy grown man.

    What you just wrote will come true. Claim it. That is my birthday wish to you Jamari Fox!!( Smile)

  2. -clears throat and taps mic- Can you hear me? Ok…🗣️🗣️🎤 HAPPY FUCKING SOLAR RETURN JAMARI!! ♋ Thank you for the Foxhole and just being a dope ass person 💕✨

  3. Why do I have a picture like that of me as a child? I don’t appreciate this post! hahahahahaha

    Come on manifestation! You are the man who will have an infestation of blessings. So shall it be. Welcome to Twenty Twenty One AKA Jamari’s not done.

      1. Oh you’re welcome! Sorry for responding so late. I had two deaths in the family this week and its just been nuts over here. Yall, Corona is real. Please get tested and vaccinated!

        Anyways, I usually dont do readings off the cuff but since it’s ya birthday and you been gifting us your thoughts and stories on this blog, I will happily return the favor. This is a little mini-reading for you.

        So I use a combination of tarot, astrology, and my own psychic intuition to read. Sometimes, I’ll see a vision (yes, like That’s So Raven, lol), sometimes, it’s a song, a scent, a feeling, etc. So Im just going to tell you what comes through. First thing I got for you was “George” or “Georgia”. I dont know if that rings a bell for you right now or maybe sometime in the future. Second thing, today is the Aquarius Full Moon and we’ll actually be having 2 Aquarius Full Moons this year, one in July and the other in August, Im hearing “this would be a good opportunity to reinvent yourself and express yourself”. I also pulled a Tarot card for you in regards to what you can expect between this birthday and your next birthday and it is the Death card reversed. Now, do not worry about the name of the card. This “Death” represents transformation and the end of one phase in order to create space for something new. Birthdays are like our personal new year’s day, so look forward to new beginnings this year but that means letting go or ending ties with people, places, and things that no longer serve you and your highest path. I think you may already know who these people, places, and things (nouns) are but if not, they will reveal themselves, just trust your gut because it wont steer you wrong.

        Anyway, hoped you enjoyed this mini reading and thank you for letting me read for you!

        1. ^thank you!!!
          this really resonated with me and i appreciate you taking the time to give a reading.
          everything you said was pretty much on point to my recent development so i’m checking all boxes on this.
          enjoyed it tremendously and can’t wait to see what happens on my adventure next!

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