accountability | november 1st, 2021

i’ve been feeling creatively retarded these last few days.
my mind has been on overdrive with everything i need to do.
i barely sleep because i’m constantly thinking of what’s next.
i’ve been trying to remember what dr. turner taught me.
on days that i have no creative energy,
i take a day(s) to figure things out.
i started my new journey in finding another therapist…

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accountability | september 20th

life isn’t kind to the broken-hearted.
it awards the savages and the grifters.
the ones that are depressed are “doing too much”.
i’m “doing too much”.
as of late,
i’ve been wanting to listen to break-up albums.
emo shit.
something in my spirit has been telling me i need to break up with something…

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accountability | september 7th


superheroes usually bore me.
i’m not a fan of the “captain americas” and “wonder womans” of the comic world.
i have always been a fan of villains and antiheroes.
they always have a cool backstory and their costumes are usually dope af.
it’s usually someone who was hurt or bullied and their trauma turned them “bad”.
the only superheroes i actually love are batman and spiderman,
both are conflicted with their own trauma and loss.
batman could be a villain after his trauma but he struggles to be different.
last night,
or this morning rather,
i woke up out of my sleep for whatever reason.
at 5 am,
i started watching one of my favorite batman movies…

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accountability | july 26th thru august 1st

remember when we were kids and got sick?
the moment we had a cough or felt colder than usual,
our parents let us stay home so we could sleep in and watch cartoons.
for me,
depending on how sick i was

it was sleeping in,
watching cartoons,
and playing video games.

when we were kids,
we didn’t have responsibilities since our parents are footing the bill.
as adults,
we can take a sick day (or 2) but we are footing the bill.
so i went to the doctor through teladoc last friday and...

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