accountability | july 26th thru august 1st

remember when we were kids and got sick?
the moment we had a cough or felt colder than usual,
our parents let us stay home so we could sleep in and watch cartoons.
for me,
depending on how sick i was

it was sleeping in,
watching cartoons,
and playing video games.

when we were kids,
we didn’t have responsibilities since our parents are footing the bill.
as adults,
we can take a sick day (or 2) but we are footing the bill.
so i went to the doctor through teladoc last friday and...

He told me I have a case of conjunctivitis.

i hardly know ha’h!
i know.
i know.
conjunctivitis is when you have inflammation of the eye(s).
it’s contagious and needs to be handled with care.
the antibiotic eye drops have helped bring the redness down,
but the blurriness is a bitch.
my other eye is working OT to focus for both eyes.
it has me with quite the headache.

pose just had to drag me because i started to go off the rails.
i was feeling down because i felt like i was stuck in the rut.
when i’m sick,
i feel out of control and i try my hardest to get back in control,
which only means i end up feeling even more of control.

Accountability: I will learn to relax and vibe.
I’m sick right now,
but that doesn’t mean I’m stuck.
I’m much better when I’m rested and my health is 100%.
I will normalize allowing myself to take it easy when I’m under the weather.
Everything will be fine and I won’t go into my old .exe file under “Depression”.

my eye has been the main thing that has been bothering me tbh.
i was gonna font something way more depressing,
but i’m glad pose dragged me back to thinking logically rather than emotionally.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

6 thoughts on “accountability | july 26th thru august 1st”

    1. ^ thank you khalil 🙏🏾

      it was hard for me to write because my eyes were so sensitive to light.
      i’m starting to get back to normal but it’s slowly happening.
      resting my eyes has been helping tremendously tbh.

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