dababy will be refereed to as “dadownbad” (or “dadownbadbaby”?)

you know when you open the oven after you preheat it and all that heat comes out?

 that is dababy.
he opened the oven and his little ass fell tf in.
you know when you’re in that “idc” phase,
your adrenaline is pumping with massive amounts of “no fucks to give”.
once it (and you) start to come down,
you start seeing how much land that you burned.
i loved this pr apology that he posted on his ig:


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because anyone with common sense knows he didn’t formulate those sentences.

right after dababy posted that,
he started to see how much he actually scorched in his nonsense…


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…not to mention iheartradio music festival.
AND not to mention via “rolling stone”:

“On the same day (as his apology post), however, DaBaby was also dropped from Governors Ball in New York City, as well as Day N Vegas in Las Vegas. He was previously bumped from Lollapalooza at the last minute, while he’s no longer playing the Can’t Wait: Live! benefit concert in Philadelphia, nor the Parklife Festival in Manchester, England.

dababy is down bad.
i can just imagine what he’s gonna have to do to get this all reversed.
they will probably use his mouth as a goal post.
#throatbaby anyone?

article cc: rolling stone

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

8 thoughts on “dababy will be refereed to as “dadownbad” (or “dadownbadbaby”?)”

  1. After he doubled down on the stupid shit he said now his pr team is stepping in? Damage is done. Peace out

    1. As one article wrote, he didn’t double , he didn’t triple , he QUADRUPLED DOWN. what a moron he’s finished in my book.

  2. bye dabastard, i used to be semi interested into him and at one point found him attractive but the way he has been going pass on that. I find it funny/interesting that he was doubling or tripling down on what he said but now that he’s losing gigs and etc. He wants to be taught how to not say/speak harmful rhetoric.

    In other news, Have you watched that anime record of ragnarok? I am interested because I keep seeing Aphrodite but i’m not sure.

  3. The BEST THING to come out of this is now ALL THESE OTHER DUMB AZZ Homophobic idiots will see in real time how HATE has no place !!

    They needed to make an example of him !!!!!!!

    However , it’s still sad that he still has “Black” folks that will stick with him and see nothing wrong his hateful actions .

    I call it the ” I’m really mad at Lil Nas X for flaunting his truth in front of my kids and turning them gay ” syndrome.

  4. By felicia da baby need to grow up and get a job rap shot over your stage performance wack

  5. This was definitely a written speech by his publicist and the only reason he is remorseful is because now its starting to effect his pockets. That statement is completely the opposite of what he personally said because if it was the truth, he would have said it then. He said fuck it then and didn’t realize that majority everybody he works with knows or is somebody in the LGBTQ+ Community. First off, how r you going to say something homophobic and idiotic and go into a city where their mayor is a black LGBTQ+ woman with power. It took one major event to cancel him and the rest fell right in place all at the same time. No tour, no money coming in. Can’t buy merch if you dont have a venue to sell it. He is going to get hit but the only thing it will take is for him to either suck up his pride and perform with LNX on a collaborative project or let it die down and make some more music. You have to watch what you say being in the industry.

  6. Now Fat Joe is on that bullish. So first his white a$$ wanted a pass to use the n-word, now he’s coming for Lil Nas X threatening him. I really cannot with these d-ck-in-the-booty DL rappers. Nothing is more homoerotic than sagging and being shirtless in a weed filled studio “with your boys”.

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