press “p” in your teen’s browser history for pokemon

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i’ll never forget the first time i watched porn.
around like 10 or so,
cousin hybrid and i were rummaging through my mama’s crib.
he had come to visit from barbados and she took the family to be tourists.
at the time,
my stepfather (mi’s father) was in-between living situations.

He had so many porn DVDs in my mama’s closet.

i think he was a sex addict tbh.
he had 13 kids with different vixens all over the city.

we watched one and this one black porn star nutted like a geyser in this vixen’s face.
i was so grossed out and wondering wtf was coming out of his dick.
who woulda knew i’d grow up to love it in either on face or mouth.
the bbc woman’s hour wants to know if there’s age-appropriate porn via “twitter”…


consent and respectful?
in porn?

“Don’t cum in my face,
kind sir.
It leads to a really tedious clean-up.”

“Don’t fuck me rough and hard,
my love.
You might literally tear my ass open.”

“Do not slap me on the ass like I’m some common prostitute.”

 if teenagers are anything like me,
they’ve already watched porn.
why are folks thinking it’s the 50s?
we live in a technological age where we can access anything.
once you give a teen a laptop,
it’s game on.
once you go down certain avenues on twitter,
you’ll find yourself on:

have folks heard the music that’s out these days?
the # challenges?
teens are fuckin’ at large amounts these days.
i mean,
they were doing it when i was a teenager.
i was in a damn near threesome.
parents would scream at the shit teens talk about at lunch or during sleepovers.
i think folks forgot how they moved when they were teenagers.

lowkey: don’t even get us started on how gay teens are these days.
we didn’t have any guidance or mentors so it was worst.
we end up exploring heavy,
especially with other curious or older males.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

8 thoughts on “press “p” in your teen’s browser history for pokemon”

  1. I remember my little cousin used to go online to play a game and the website used to advertise animated porn all throughout, he was 6. So I know they are learning about it early especially if you are on social media. That’s what killed tumblr actually.

    I get what the parent is asking but that again falls under the parents job to talk about sexuality and nudity in an inclusive and honest way that doesn’t shame them nor is going the route of what bussy/boosie did where it could harm them. Porn just isn’t the medium that will allow something like that at least from what I’ve “researched” over the years.

    (SN: My first porn video I was like 8 or 9 and was being watched by this babysitter my pastor hired, we used to hang around my pastor’s son frequently, and she just showed us a woman being either fingered or hammered but it was black.)

  2. I remember finding adult magazines in my stepfather’s closet when I was around 10 , I remember being extremely confused about pubic hair and dildo use lol

    1. ^ill never forget how that nut shot out that wolf’s peen.
      it was like some 80s porn and he had an afro.
      he had a lot of nut and it grossed me the fuck out LMAO

      spray away.

  3. I remember sneaking and watching my first porn flick at like 11, it was my cousins’ and it was some VHS staring Mr Marcus, I just remember being amazed at how big a grown man’s penis could be 😩 lol

  4. The first porn I saw my lil sister found. She was 3 I was 10. We wanted to watch Tom & Jerry. Of course parents always leave stuff out. Popped in a tape and neither one of us knew what was going on

  5. After about halfway thru the tape, we realized thats what adults do because the sounds they were making. Today, most of them only use laptops for school stuff only. You want to see what they are looking at, turn on the game system. Cyberpunk 2077 lets you create a man’s dick size length and width, cut or uncut, built or thick, fat or skinny. Then they let you choose if you want to fuck a man or woman. The ads in the game are xrated. Google Cyberpunk 2077 xrated ads and you will see for yourself how xrated they are. That’s just one game. Grand Theft Auto lets you steal cars, have sex and control how fast to stroke, they also let you pull up on a prostitute and have sex with her in a alley. One of the missions on The Ballard of Gay Tony, the bouncer has to let the club owner girlfriend suck his dick. The laptops aren’t the only thing they are watching porn on now. Cell phones, game systems, and bad ass kids recording it on snapchat and on twitter

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