evander kane’s wife decided to show him who has the bigger hockey stick

when you marry a wolf that looks like ^this,
especially when he is a baller wolf,
you can expect fuckery.
this is why it’s better to deal with folks who don’t know how fine they are.
nhl baller wolf,
evander kane,
allegedly hasn’t been doing good to his (ex)wife,

anna kane.
she decided to rock his entire world on social media this weekend via “nbc sports“…

The NHL said it will investigate an allegation made by Evander Kane’s wife that the San Jose Sharks forward bet on his own games and has intentionally tried to lose for gambling profit.

The league said Saturday night on Twitter that it was made aware of the social media posts by Anna Kane and plans to conduct a full investigation. Anna Kane wrote: “How does the NHL let a compulsive gambling addict still play when he’s obviously throwing games to win money? Hmm maybe someone needs to address this.”

She added: “Can someone ask (Commissioner) Gary Bettman how they let a player gamble on his own games? Bet and win with bookies on his own games?”

The NHL said: “The integrity of our game is paramount and the League takes these allegations very seriously.”

A Sharks a team spokesman wrote in an email to The Associated Press that: “The San Jose Sharks have been in contact today with the National Hockey League about the serious allegations made against Evander Kane. We support a full and transparent investigation into the situation to maintain the integrity of the game and consistency with our team values.”

not only that,
it seems he was betting on his ex’s vagina as well:

Anna claims Evander is off with his ex, Mara Teigen.

Evander and Mara have a bit of a past. Back in 2015, the two had dated for a period of time. The relationship hit a rough patch which led to Evander buying a billboard on the Sunset Strip asking for forgiveness.

The trick worked and the two got back together. However, things eventually ended with the two and Evander went on to marry Anna.

Anna wrote to Mara on Instagram, So do you feel good about yourself fuc-ing my husband when I’m at home pregnant and he can’t even give me money to buy my daughter formula? Do you feel amazing with him? After he cheated on you so much that you broke up now you can do this to another woman?”

She continued, “Crazy he said how ugly you were and how much surgery you had … and how you had old rich sugar daddies while you were together? He cheated on you so much and you go back to him? I’m shocked.”

some folks will glady talk shit about the ex but will run back to smash if the door swung open.
i’ve learned to not listen to those when they’re trashing their exes.
anna should have took that as a red flag tbh.

evander has since denied all allegations from his wife.

( x read here )
i guess she was truly fed up with his ass tho.
if they remove him from the team,
he’ll be broke af which means no money in alimony or child support for her.
according to “exact net worth“:

Evander is worth 500k

As of 2021, Evander Kane has an estimated net worth of $500,000. By looking at Kane’s previous contract with the Jets which was valued at $31.5 million, Kane did not look after his finances well because of which he filed for chapter 7 bankruptcy for amassing a debt of $26.8 million.

He has lost $1.5 million on gambling alone and owes around $256,000 in taxes. He still has a seven-year contract extension that he signed in 2018 for $49 million and is set to make $3 million in 2021 which is why he may be able to recover in the future.


he can’t afford a divorce and/or a gambling scandal right now.
i probably wouldn’t have let him shoot up the club either.
there is a valuable lesson in all of this.
find it.

lowkey: you know it’s bad when your teammates don’t even fuck with you.
( x read that here )
is evander the problem here?

articles cc: nbc sports | radar online | exactnetworth

17 thoughts on “evander kane’s wife decided to show him who has the bigger hockey stick

  1. These dudes never learn! These Beckys are vindictive AF. She realized her mistake quickly and backtracked those allegations. She should’ve sat back, amassed her evidence (P.I., trackers, etc) and she could come out LOVELY. Now she’ll be lucky to get anything, especially if his ass gets kicked off his team.

  2. All he needs to say is she is disgruntled about him going back to his ex and she will say anything. What proof does she have, he bet against his own team and that it worked. He may be an asshole but what is she trying to prove by outing him. He will play for another team whether it’s professional or across seas. He is going to play hockey regardless.

  3. Here is what I don’t get, if you knew he was cheating on you with his ex, how are you talking trash to her when you doing the same thing. You talking about how pitiful she is for taking him back after cheating on her when he doing the same thing to his wife. The best thing she could have done was get proof and get him to pay you in court. You walk away without risking your sanity in the public. He still gets to play NHL. He can deny all allegations and get off.

  4. YAWN.

    Just another good looking who thinks his looks is enough to make him fuck any woman he wants and who has enough financial sense as big as his Dick head that will make his ass fucking broke. Dumb Fuck he is… NEXT 🤔🤔

  5. This was not smart on her hand tbh

    Also Idk why men that are this fine/rich like the fumble the bag this hard. You can’t just make smarter choices. I also read that he dealt w/ a lot of racism in the league so I wonder did that influence his life choices.

    1. “men that are this fine”… Are we looking at the same guy? The evander kane dude that looks like a stray fawn?

    2. Quite a few of the black and biracial players in the NHL formed an alliance in response to the hatred/racism they’ve encountered in the league.

  6. Evander has been a issue for a while. He promised a girl $3m to get an abortion. She got pregnant 3 different times by him. When she got pregnant the third time she decided that she didn’t want to get an abortion and that’s when he offered her $3m. She went thru with the procedure and he never paid. She ended up suing him.

  7. For the time being, there’s celebrity porn on Onlyfans.com. He should consider it.

  8. Wife should have spoken to him privately. Going on social media she’s about to fuck up all of his money, which won’t secure the bag. She should’ve just divorced him quietly because honestly his spending and gambling habits are horrible.

    1. ^yeah,
      this just put a spotlight on him.
      it seems he doesn’t have good standings with his co-workers either.
      she might have fucked herself up being in her emotions.

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