accountability | november 1st, 2021

i’ve been feeling creatively retarded these last few days.
my mind has been on overdrive with everything i need to do.
i barely sleep because i’m constantly thinking of what’s next.
i’ve been trying to remember what dr. turner taught me.
on days that i have no creative energy,
i take a day(s) to figure things out.
i started my new journey in finding another therapist…

…but Lawd,
it was overwhelming.
for my last therapist,
i called my insurance company and they gave me a list of numbers.
he was the first one i called.
he told me to hit up “psychology today” for my next therapist.
i went on there this morning to start november off right and:

It was kind of overwhelming.

All these faces.
All these different skills.
All these thoughts of finding the right one.

for this week,
i’ll send 3 therapists from off that site an email.
if i don’t hear from anyone by friday,
i’ll call my insurance company and play:

“Eenie Meenie Miney Moe”

…and whatever number i land on,
i’ll go.

2 thoughts on “accountability | november 1st, 2021

  1. I love Fall weather and the essence of nature being clothed in a sleepy cocoon; resting, re- grouping in order to come back stronger and more resilient. I have eleven pages of a book and two pages of another document that should have been completed, but have stalled. Cancers have head rushes and bombardments of ideas of things to do, then we stall creatively. I understand your feelings. We are like Autumn leaves shifting with the breeze.
    The content is in you and will rush forth speedily when it’s time. The right time. And you will look back at this period of gestation, as will I, and be proud of what you give birth to. By Thanksgiving we will be toodling along in contentment. Watch some cartoons, eat something comforting, drink something warm. You are amazing and inspirational to those who enjoy your efforts.
    We❤️the 🦊hole.

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