kal penn from “harold & kumar” comes out with…

so i’ve never watched a “harold & kumar” anything,
but i have heard of the movies.
their type of humor is not my style of comedy.
i’ve always had bad bubble guts due to white castle.
that’s neither here nor there,
but kal penn who plays “kumar” found himself in the news.
he shocked the straights because…

Kal Penn is set to publish a new memoir, You Can’t Be Serious, on November 2, but the book covers one aspect of his life that he can’t help but spoil a few days early: He’s been in a relationship with a man named Josh for 11 years, and the two of them are now engaged.

Penn says he and his partner met during the sabbatical he took from acting to work with Barack Obama’s White House, and on their first date he showed up with “an 18-pack of Coors Light” and an insatiable desire to watch NASCAR. “Next thing you know,” he says, “it’s been a couple months and we’re watching NASCAR every Sunday.”

Penn says he discovered his sexuality “relatively late in life compared to many other people,” but all of his friends and family have been very supportive.


it annoys me how the straights carry on to news like this.
they think most gay males are these ultra-fembots who vogue on command.
it’s like the same stereotype as the white folks have with black folks.
on another side,
the same ideas we have about some white folks if we are being 100.

Gay males are not all the same.

some don’t go to balls,
aren’t raging sex addicts,
dl dramatics,
or any other stereotype that plagues a community.
many are simply private and are far removed from the gay forests.
some gay males love to watch sports,
play video games,
and do other “non-gay” activities because they have another way of living.

when kal spoke about why he chose to expose it now:

That being said, he says that his fiancé, his parents, and his brother are all very private, so he didn’t want to force anyone into a spotlight with his book while also being “authentic” from his point of view.

i can dig it.
as much as i font on the foxhole,
my future wolf will be “for me”.
in this community where i share most things,
i want to keep something for myself.

you can check out kal’s book,
you can’t be serious“,
on 11/2.

lowkey: i would love an organic vibe with 50/50 attraction tbh.
that would be the move for 2022.

article cc: av club

15 thoughts on “kal penn from “harold & kumar” comes out with…

  1. Anybody saying he is unattractive, probably thinks Tom Holland is gorgeous. Phenotypically, he isn’t far from the average Black man, which speaks VOLUMES about the colorism and featurism in this community.

    1. I think he’s cute and congrats to him for coming out. But I also knew before seeing his man that he was a snow cone. Yawn.

  2. Some people should have been swallowed with the negative comments and the way they try to come for somebody about their own opinions. If you feel like I am talking about you, that’s your issue. Nobody has to agree to the way you feel so respect their opinion and just politely disagree or don’t say nothing. The way we have to drag somebody cause you like this person or situation and they don’t is late and tired. Grow the fuck up.

  3. All of you are dramatic, fembots that go to balls and have unprotected doodoo anal sex. Even the gays are mad hes not “hot”. Whats the point of him coming out? You are all the most shallow, ignorant people on this planet. Geez, take a look in a mirror then kill yourself.

    1. How is that shallow if I’m not throwing a parade cause he gay. That’s his private life, I respect him for that but I’m not about to go head over heels like its fun. This shit is like the Matrix, I wish I took the other damn pill. But you adapt to it and make it better for you. All that fem shit keep that shit, stereotypical gay ass response because all of us not fem and dramatic. Ain’t been to a ball nor apart of it. Respect what people choose to do with their life and stop making it sound so negative to use against people. Its some real good hearted genuine people in the ball scene compared to the ones that are not. Like respect people thats all.

    2. If you so called straight, why are you commenting about a man coming out on a topic that has nothing to do with you. Watching dicks while his woman in the other room ole trifling ass

  4. Woulda been better if John Cho (Harold, of Harold and Kumar) came out … he’s hot af. But whatever, congrats Kal!

  5. “ Gay males are not all the same.

    some don’t go to balls,
    aren’t raging sex addicts,
    dl dramatics,
    or any other stereotype that plagues a community.
    many are simply private and are far removed from the gay forests. ”

    There’s a generational divide for sure because I think gayness was an enclave 10 years ago now tiktok boys are doing feminine things for followers and retweets we couldn’t even admit we were gay in hs so imagine the mind fuck it takes to unlearn self hatred so now the type of men I pursue tend to be what gays consider “heteronormative.” Just had this convo last night

    1. someone on LPSG posted last year about how he talked to him on grindr and he and his BF/fiance w/e were looking for a third.

      he’s private, but they still get down with other people and have fun i’m sure.

  6. And? I mean that explains why he always played in movies where the guys showed full frontal nudity and didn’t show it on the camera. He was also in Van Wilder where Ryan Reynolds was always naked. The movie wasn’t funny but it was stupid. A type of movie you have to be high to watch. Same with the rest of those types of movies. Stoner movies. Good for him but I wouldn’t care if he was straight of gay. That’s his business.

      1. Speak for yourself Jamari. Lol I ALWAYS liked Kal and thought he was hot. Glad he’s out.

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