kal penn from “harold & kumar” comes out with…

so i’ve never watched a “harold & kumar” anything,
but i have heard of the movies.
their type of humor is not my style of comedy.
i’ve always had bad bubble guts due to white castle.
that’s neither here nor there,
but kal penn who plays “kumar” found himself in the news.
he shocked the straights because…

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jessica simpson is an “open book”

2003 was a good time for celebs,
but it was one of the worst years of my life.
that was when i hit rock bottom,
had no money,
and was homeless af in these forests.
i had to move in the “haunted house” that was my aunt’s crib.
mice and roaches running amok everywhere.
they made sure to have tvs and cable in every room tho.
i remember watching “newlyweds: nick and jessica simpson” on mtv.
jessica was one of the “post-britney” bots of sugary pop-dom of the late 90s.
i thought she could sing:


when their reality show debuted in 2003,
i was curious as to wtf was going on.
it was the second reality show featuring celebrities and their bts.
i remember how iconic this was…

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