jessica simpson is an “open book”

2003 was a good time for celebs,
but it was one of the worst years of my life.
that was when i hit rock bottom,
had no money,
and was homeless af in these forests.
i had to move in the “haunted house” that was my aunt’s crib.
mice and roaches running amok everywhere.
they made sure to have tvs and cable in every room tho.
i remember watching “newlyweds: nick and jessica simpson” on mtv.
jessica was one of the “post-britney” bots of sugary pop-dom of the late 90s.
i thought she could sing:


when their reality show debuted in 2003,
i was curious as to wtf was going on.
it was the second reality show featuring celebrities and their bts.
i remember how iconic this was…

…and ^that was the opening scene!

jessica has a new book called “open book” and is letting us into her world back then.
she talks about:


she’s even getting nick lachey in alleged trouble with his wife.
his body language after @ 3:15:

i remember all those celeb wolves wanted to fuck her once she was single.
i low-key followed her post nick lachey when she was “out here” out here.
she was always a mess,
but she was entertaining with it.
she is a fellow cancer too.

I think this is a good time for her to release her memoir

when i can afford it,
ima pick up like 5 copies.
i want to go back to that time for the nostalgia of it all.
jessica’s memior,
open book“,
is out now.

low-key: the pretty vixen said my memiors is gonna be a good read.

4 thoughts on “jessica simpson is an “open book”

  1. I remember her and Nick’s mtv show. It was hilarious Nick used to look at her like she was the dumbest bitch alive, no lie! I’ll never forget the chicken of the sea bit. It all takes me back to my childhood. I even remember her vh1 t.v show about beauty from different parts of the world. It got cancelled after one season. Although Jessica never reached the heights of a Britney or christina she still had her moment. She and her sister got some bops. SIDENOTE: Remember when Nick alluded that Jessica’s dad was gay on watch what happens live? 😂😂😂 What’s so crazy about that is I think he was or is a minister. Go figure!

  2. I’ve always enjoyed Jessica Simpson and her music. I’m glad she’s living her best life and I hope her memoir does well.

    And I agree, waiting to have sex until you’re married is a recipe for disaster. How do you know that the one person you are with is truly fulfilling your sexual needs, when you’ve only been one person? Good luck with that.

  3. I wonder if she’ll ever sing again. Before she did all that Britney baby talk singing, she had one helluva voice. I used to love Irresistible, With You and Angels. She had one album that was very 80’s but it was cute before that sound came back in trend. She was one of my TRL pop girls. I didn’t keep up with her outside of music but she’s a prime example of why you shouldn’t wait for marriage to have sex. Sex has so many levels to it and when you use it as a prop for one person, I feel like you deny yourself the chance to really learn your body and your sexual persona.

    1. ^yo that one song “a public affair” was my shit.

      i agree with the sex tho.
      she got dick hungry after she lost her virginity.
      poor nick couldn’t satisfy that appetite.

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