pete buttigieg is coming for that throne (and some hate to see it)

i get exhausted with politics.
that orange hippo that is “running” the country is exhausting.
from the tweets to the ignorance,
i always need a nap.
i haven’t been keeping up.
i was alerted that pete buttigieg is sweeping in the iowa caucuses.
the thing is…

Pete is openly gay and married

his partner is chasten glezman

…who was a drama teacher from their forest,
south bend,
well pete is on the rise,
but not a lot of folks knew he was gay.
i’m hearing about him for the first time tbh.
it seems he has been making his rounds tho.


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a foxholer sent me a reaction from a voter in iowa via “cbs news“…

is that how they dress in iowa?
do you see that cow’s hair?

serious topic.
this “bible thing” always is the “go-to” for hatred.
what would God think about that?
instead of worrying about who he is married too,
let’s hope he is a viable candidate to run this country.
i’m tired of seeing that orange hippo doing nothing but destroy.

Imagine is an openly gay male is elected as president?

the think pieces!
the melt downs!
the tears!
…and this just is from straight males.
i’ll allow it!

lowkey: we have a bonafide reality star as president.
america dropped the ball with that one.

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16 thoughts on “pete buttigieg is coming for that throne (and some hate to see it)”

  1. Last time I checked Pete was polling at 0% with the black community because he has been very problematic when it comes to the black community. Black folks in South Bend, Indiana where he was mayor are not too fond of him.

    1. Actually There’s black people that support him including the winner of miss USA And there’s some black mayors that terrible things to black people too and try to cover up for white cops

    2. Not all black people in South Bend feels that way about him he’s the last for the black community especially small businesses that’s owned by black people

      1. It doesn’t matter if a few Black people support him. He’s not a going to win a general election polling in the low single digits among Black voters across the country

  2. how does she not know this guy was gay especially when we had the presidential primaries in 2019. She needs to do some research for all she know she could have voted for satan. Now what if he came out the closet after winning. Wouldn’t that be a twist? and would ppl see him and respect him differently?

  3. Yea it’s a no for me and I support my fellow gays but if you do some research Pete has a very problematic history with black people in his city!

    The only reason why people like Charlemagne supports him is because he’s white if he were a black gay Charla would throw all types of jokes his way it’s definitely a double standard from our own community.

    EDIT: Don’t get me wrong I’m voting for anybody over Donald Duck though!

  4. LOL!!! Obese Maud is upset hahahah it’s always the out of shape cross eyed straights that’s ready to tear someone down based on a book written thousands of years ago

  5. I’d bet my life savings she would vote for a candidate who cheated on his wife even though the Bible says, “Thou shalt not commit adultery”.

  6. I don’t know why people spreading That negative narrative about him that he has zero black voters which that is untrue there are a lot of racist candidates in this race and he is not one of them

    1. You must be white or one of these Black gays who predominately date white men because you’re caping way too hard. He has yet to rise above the low single digits in national polls of black Democratic voters, one of the most influential demographic groups in the Democratic Party. And in South Carolina, the first voting state with a large population of African Americans, he stands at 4 percent in The Post’s polling average, with individual polls showing even less support among black voters.

  7. If he gets the nomination, it’ll be the easiest win for the Republicans in history.

    I suspect a lot of people will skip voting altogether.

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