i always find myself in magical situations

i’d like to think i’m sort of magical.
like jean grey with the phoenix,
i don’t know how to control it at times.
it’s there tho because i been manifesting like crazy this last month.
i had a interesting situation happen at the unemployment office.
it left me floating

during the superbowl,
i was actually updating my resume.
i was summoned to go into the unemployment office on monday at 1:00pm.
i couldn’t believe i was without a job again.
adding all my old duties to look for something else really brought my mood down.
the next day,
i got to the unemployment office at 12:50pm.
they made us watch a video about the whole unemployment process.

This was not my first time at the rodeo


when i met 1 on 1 with my unemployment recruiter,
she was very friendly.
we ended up speaking about my experience at my last job.
we talked for close to an hour.
she gave me numbers to file a compliant about how i was treated.

I’m still undecided if I’ll do it

i knew i had to call about health insurance tho.
in my folder,
i saw a card about getting health insurance.
something kept distracting me from calling last week.
my recruiter mentioned that i go to the office next door.
she gave me a business card,
told me to ask for a particular vixen,
and make sure to name drop her.


i kinda wanted to go back home,
but i really need to make sure i was covered.
after a long wait,
i met with the gorgeous vixen i was supposed to ask for.
i noticed her energy was really bright.

This vixen and I shot the shit for close to two hours

i have this power that makes folks comfortable with me.
i ended up getting accepted for great health insurance,
better than what i would have received at that last job,
but it was the gems this vixen dropped during our conversation.
we talked about the law of attraction and manifestation.
when i got back home,
i wrote out a list of all she said about to share with you:

* Set intentions for my day (start from the time I get up). Learn how to write/think intentions.

* We are constantly collecting data throughout the day. So if something goes wrong, take the good data and discard the bad data.

EX: The job let me go,
but I was able to make some solid connections from it,

able to get my laptop,
new clothes,
upgraded my style,

learned new skills for my resume,

met quite a few celebs,

and had a ton of good times.

* The thoughts we have now are going to manifest for the future. Everything we are think about now is setting up for the future. So make sure my thoughts are what I’d like for future manifesting. Your younger self, manifested your teenage experiences, which manifested your young adult situations, and your current state which will manifest your future.

* Everything in the past is over. Yesterday is over. I need to start planning for what I’d like in the future

* Create the life I want in my mind

* Watching videos of the things in my life that I want to desire

* read books (the law of attraction, you are the placebo, think and grow rich)

i could feel the fire inside me burning.

the crazy part about this is…

She gave my unemployment recruiter her business card that day

it was like it was destined for all of this ti happen.
i’m starting to realize things happen because they were supposed to.
it might not make sense right now,
but it will in the future.

low-key: i believe we all have magic powers.
from talent to master manifesting.
channel yours.
don’t hide it.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

5 thoughts on “i always find myself in magical situations”

  1. I manifest your blog will become HUGE like the Shaderoom!!!
    I enjoy your blog and you seem like a awesome person.
    Great things are coming your way sir!

  2. Glad to hear you connected with good people and their energy rubbed off on you. Be mindful of the energy you let take up your space.

    And I love the tidbits you listed. I needed to run across a few those, especially this, ‘Everything in the past is over. Yesterday is over. I need to start planning for what I’d like in the future.’

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