nicki minaj and meek mill have an (ex) lovers spat

she looks gorgeous here.
okay so it’s the first week of february and drama still continues.
2020 has absolutely no plans of slowing down.
i get on twitter and ig and see this:

first off…

you was letting the pineapple beat with that bad body tho.
i’m not understanding why she would even use that as an insult.
she went on with these other tweets:

those are some pretty strong allegations.
so meek decided to respond:

in which nicki responded:

growth from meek.
if this was back then,
he would’ve continued going hard on her.
good to see him putting his phone down and walking away.

They both need to fuck again for closure

why is he even looking at her shit?
this is all so random and high school to me.
they are both in two different places in their lives.
this is good pr for both of them.
it highlights his new track featuring justin timberlake.
nicki just debuted a new song and the “will she address meek on wax“.
a win/win for both!

*pictures cc: the shade room

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

5 thoughts on “nicki minaj and meek mill have an (ex) lovers spat”

    1. Exactly! If she is happily married, why is she letting anything Meek say or do bother her. If he has a girl and feel Nicki is toxic, why is he going back and forth to begin with. Plus, I thought she retired. I like Nicki but this whole stunt, seems PR for both with new tracks coming out. Nicki likes being the “bad guy” because it sells records.

  1. When Nicki first got married, she was quiet as a church mouse about everything. Now that a track is released, she saying he got twitter fingers. Why even engage a twitter beef with yo ex and you married. Let him talk and let your husband deal with him and you deal with your business. First off, why Meek going back and forth with a female anyway. She say you sucking Drake dick and then you back off cause your girl pregnant but a minute ago you coming at Nicki with shit that nobody need to know about. How you gon say she knew about her brother, if she knew, you knew too! Whether you left her alone after that meant nothing cause you still was fucking her when you knew about it. He shouldn’t have went there with Nicki in the first place. If he got beef with her husband, deal with her husband regardless if she come at you or not, your beef is with him.

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