when you bust the meanest nut out in public

*the following entry is rated xxx
viewer discretion is strongly advised

i understand some of you are horny and need to bust a nut immediately.
you are so hard,
that is nut is literally stopping you from walking.
it’s like when you gotta go take a mean shit.
your belly is hurting and whatever is inside you needs to come out now.
imagine needed to bust that kind of nut in the back of an uber

that is a juicy piece of meat…

…but seriously,
that couldn’t wait until he got home?
i’m all for voyeurism,
but this is obnoxious.
i’m starting to think realize these are the folks we’d hear about on the news.
the ones who do wild shit like that,
get caught,
and the public is left to question their sanity.
folks risking being put on the sexual offender list for some likes and comments.
hate to see it.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

6 thoughts on “when you bust the meanest nut out in public”

  1. Either he cool with the uber driver or he not, the driver peeped it and dont feel comfortable telling him to stop/kick him out. I highly doubt he just aint pay attention. All I gotta do is sneeze and they look back at me through the rear view, lol. Earlier this morning, I bit a lollipop and I peep the driver quick glancing at me.

    Thirst rant: That did look hella juicy tho…the dick and the nutt, lol

  2. They charge them for the cleanup but if the driver or the passenger is in a special Uber Group, the driver knows what he is doing and don’t care. There are voyeurs who like to watch. I mean you can’t miss him doing that cause he was damn sure beating that dick.

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