lemme find out teddy pendergrass helps boost your law of attraction

i strongly believe in the law of attraction.
i believe that what you give your attention to can manifest in your life.
some of us are powerful creators that when we think or ask for some-thing/one,
it can come to fruition in a matter of seconds.

I feel the secret is you have to be reallllllly connected to every aspect of yourself.

the pretty vixen is a master manifester.
she has manifested her amazing life and the people in it.
i’ll never forget when she manifested her boss out of her life.
almost like a month ago when we were talking,
around the time drake came out with his latest album,
she told me:

“I’m done listening to Drake and hip-hop for a while.”

crazy enough,
i’ve been indulging in drake and some hip-hop pretty heavy.
so i asked her why

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i always find myself in magical situations

i’d like to think i’m sort of magical.
like jean grey with the phoenix,
i don’t know how to control it at times.
it’s there tho because i been manifesting like crazy this last month.
i had a interesting situation happen at the unemployment office.
it left me floating

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i have a nasty habit

i love the law of attraction.
from very young,
when i would think of something i wanted,
it would somehow appear to me really quickly.
in the teachings of the law of attraction,
you have to act like you already have it.
“fake it til you make it”.
i would apply that same method when i met someone i was interested in.
they would have to show signs they were interested in me also.
i would consciously imagine we were already together in being an optimist.
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i want to thrive and my crops to be watered again

i want to get back into the law of attraction lifestyle.
when i focused on that for a good period of my life,
i was really seeing the benefits of the universe.

my hair was growing,
my skin was clear,
my crops were watered

a haiku.
now tho...

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when you attracting and not realizing how you doing it

so yesterday,
i was talking like my future had already come into fruition.
i said outloud:

“well it worked out that they let me go from that job.
they still working there and i’m on my way to croatia next week.

i haven’t seen the word croatia anytime before that.
for the first time,
the country popped in my head on random.
i could have said “italy” or “the maldives”.
those are places i want to go.
croatia was what came to me.
on everything i love

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He Brought His Unexpected Package To Me

when i get down,
i need to really realize that i’m loved.
there are some pretty great folks in my life who care about me.
when you add on the foxhole,
it’s a serious blessing.
so one of my good home wolves said he had something to give me.
we haven’t seen each other in a minute so i said come through.
he said he would swing my job after work to bring it to me.

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