i’m giving up

i’m giving up.
i think God is behind it tbh.
it has been a long run but i’m tired and im gonna surrender.
i think i found something better

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shattered buddy pass

when my mind is set on something,
i get to OD obsessing about it.
for the last few weeks,
i’ve been into the idea of traveling heavy.
watching and sleeping to videos about packing suitcases.
it was really peaceful to me tbh.
last week,
my friend randomly hit me up and said…

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lemme find out teddy pendergrass helps boost your law of attraction

i strongly believe in the law of attraction.
i believe that what you give your attention to can manifest in your life.
some of us are powerful creators that when we think or ask for some-thing/one,
it can come to fruition in a matter of seconds.

I feel the secret is you have to be reallllllly connected to every aspect of yourself.

the pretty vixen is a master manifester.
she has manifested her amazing life and the people in it.
i’ll never forget when she manifested her boss out of her life.
almost like a month ago when we were talking,
around the time drake came out with his latest album,
she told me:

“I’m done listening to Drake and hip-hop for a while.”

crazy enough,
i’ve been indulging in drake and some hip-hop pretty heavy.
so i asked her why

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i always find myself in magical situations

i’d like to think i’m sort of magical.
like jean grey with the phoenix,
i don’t know how to control it at times.
it’s there tho because i been manifesting like crazy this last month.
i had a interesting situation happen at the unemployment office.
it left me floating

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i have a nasty habit

i love the law of attraction.
from very young,
when i would think of something i wanted,
it would somehow appear to me really quickly.
in the teachings of the law of attraction,
you have to act like you already have it.
“fake it til you make it”.
i would apply that same method when i met someone i was interested in.
they would have to show signs they were interested in me also.
i would consciously imagine we were already together in being an optimist.
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i want to thrive and my crops to be watered again

i want to get back into the law of attraction lifestyle.
when i focused on that for a good period of my life,
i was really seeing the benefits of the universe.

my hair was growing,
my skin was clear,
my crops were watered

a haiku.
now tho...

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