lemme find out teddy pendergrass helps boost your law of attraction

i strongly believe in the law of attraction.
i believe that what you give your attention to can manifest in your life.
some of us are powerful creators that when we think or ask for some-thing/one,
it can come to fruition in a matter of seconds.

I feel the secret is you have to be reallllllly connected to every aspect of yourself.

the pretty vixen is a master manifester.
she has manifested her amazing life and the people in it.
i’ll never forget when she manifested her boss out of her life.
almost like a month ago when we were talking,
around the time drake came out with his latest album,
she told me:

“I’m done listening to Drake and hip-hop for a while.”

crazy enough,
i’ve been indulging in drake and some hip-hop pretty heavy.
so i asked her why

“I don’t like how they speak about women.
It is a really low frequency of women and it makes men view us this way.
I’ve been listening to jazz-fi hip-hop and old-school music.
A lot of Teddy Pendergrass and his music has been making me feel really sexy.”

she wasn’t looking for a wolf and has been focused on her new career goals.
on random,
like 2 weeks ago,
she met this fine and successful wolf while making a run at saks.
they went on a few dates and it’s been going well so far.
he has been addicted and attentive while she has been playing it cool.
if he ends up leaving,
she has said she’ll continue doing her own thing.

It made me have an “a-ha” moment.

i feel i’m in the right headspace for manifesting now.
i’m not looking for a wolf atm.
i’ve spent so many years emotionally and spiritually chasing the wrong ones.
it’s all about me and my happiness these days.
i feel sexier than i ever felt my damn self too.
the break-up music i was listening to help me heal some recent past shit,
but i’m listening to more braggadocious hip-hop to keep me focused on my goals.
adele has been helping me heal as well.
i’ve been feeling like i want more out of my life and career than i’ve ever felt before.
i want to get back out there and shake shit up.
what you give your attention to and depending on where your mentals are,
you can def create magic in your life.

Be careful of what you let in foxhole.

lowkey: something about that old-school shit makes you feel good.
even their saddest songs don’t feel sad to me.
like one of my favorite songs from issac hayes “walk on by”:


i think i heard somewhere…

Old school was made on a higher and different frequency than a majority of the music today.

14 thoughts on “lemme find out teddy pendergrass helps boost your law of attraction

  1. Nobody mentioned that coat! I would work that muckalucka. Please that coat is peeing on all over the ballroom floor. I
    ❤️❤️❤️ that photo of Teddy.

  2. Teddy Pendergrass and Marvin Gaye could get it. The category is face and they stomp over all of these nipped and tucked, lip fillers Instathots.

  3. LOL well, well Let me give you some facts Jamari… Firstly I am a baby boomer so the music I listen to and grew up with, is what is regarded as old school music. In my youth years Teddy Prendergrass was the shit- both male and female wanted to fuck this dude. HE. WAS HOT. AS. FUCK. As a matter of fact I am sure YOU and a lot of your contemporaries were born as a result of your parents fucking to Teddy’s music. They were baby making music. Sad day when he was caught with a tranny and well the rest is history! He never came back after that! SIGH..RIP Teddy. We still love you , even if you couldn’t come out of the closet!

    Not surprised to see where the industry has gone. Society has changed so why not the music? But frankly having experienced and know what good music is, I and most of my contemporaries are not fascinated by this set of entertainers whose only talent is to show their ass, breast or dick to make money.. EVERYTHING is gone from music- lyrics, rhythm, pitch, arrangements and most importantly good vocals! All you have to do is go on a mike and cackle some words and you are a STAR!!! I call it the FAST FOOD MUSIC industry. and I don’t do fast food.

    Are ALL present day entertainers like that? Honestly there are a FEW, just a FEW that continue to make good music. God Bless them and may they live long enough to make more good music like Teddy and his peers!

    1. ^110000000000%

      music today is wild.
      i’m glad we have streaming services to take us back or to experience different music.
      there was a time where artists were sampling old-school music.
      i wish they would go back to that because those tracks were impactful.

      1. The music was good back then, but those SEVENTIES MEN, though (whew)!
        Teddy Pendergrass … Isaac Hayes … Marvin Gaye … Ken Norton … Fred Williamson … those brothas back in the day were sexy as hell. If I could travel back in time and sample one of them I would, even though they weren’t big on manscaping in those days!

    2. ^i like how you broke down the decades with sex.
      that is so true.
      these days it’s hardcore fuck me music lmao

      many millennials and even some gen z are going back in time where music was on a higher frequency.
      it made you feel good and hopeful even if they were depressed.
      almost everyone is depressed but the music’s energy gets kinda dark.
      like you should be a whole drug addict or alcoholic to enjoy it.

      my energy for summer walker was literally one listen.
      her album is great but im not feeling sad like that anymore.
      i want some “post sad shit” music to feel me up now.

      1. 💯 I agree with you on the young ones going back to decent music. I was honestly surprised when ABBA announced their new album and a lot of Millennials were shoutimg and screamin’g. I was like WTF you know about ABBA and they said to me it’s the music they listen to I was like 😲😲😲 I was pleasantly surprised..

  4. This is true. People say “I hate this generation” and then all the younger millennials say “ok boomer” but what they mean is social
    Media has made a culture where we expose every positive thing even negatives we flip to positives. A man fucking in public “it’s cool. He making money.” Women twerking in the supermarket “it’s ok she expressing herself “
    So when we tear away every layer of ethics morals and anything goes and it’s in the music and embedded in the culture a shift occurs. If the 70s said make love, the 80s said do me, the 90s said have sex and 00s now say fuck me. Damn in 2030 they gon be saying shoot my club up the first night . adulthood is about asking “how does this impact my life” and these ppl be in shambles but think they lit cuz they on an app and can fuck— like everyone can’t do that . That’s why I rarely get into music past 2010 myself .

    We wonder why society is going down it’s because the people we’ve made stars on social media aren’t talented they’re just people willing to do anything and we watch it like a train wreck. Most stars today don’t have talent . And when you argue for talent you’re called bitter. People on twitter are mad at Adele cuz she said new artists don’t sell tics bc they’re only famous online and she’s right. Nicki, Beyoncé, Drake etc are the last artists that people will pay to go see in droves. These new tik tok stars are being booked to go to the MET and grammys and the viewership is down more than ever

    1. In addition social media and entertainment is campaigning for less relationships and more sex the first date. That’s cool on a case by case basis . I wouldn’t encourage that as rule. Because all that’s doing is making men lazier when it comes to dating. All generations before had courtship. Women now say I don’t cook I dont clean .. BUT wine me dine me , pay me like a city girl. so if you want a traditional man to take care of home. How are you not willing to be a traditional woman IN THE HOME ?!! At this point it’s just ppl talking to hear themselves
      And half these girls wit these fake city girl mindsets getting men’s names tatted like summer walker or getting dragged like DaniLeigh but bc he can fuckkkkkk she’s staying . It’s all for show.

    2. “If the 70s said make love, the 80s said do me, the 90s said have sex and 00s now say fuck me”

      That breakdown of the decades took me out LOL! I guess ’10s are “choke me” (still don’t know why that’s a thing, please don’t ever normalize THAT)

        1. That complaint is literally every generation
          The 60s: parents to there kids, “kids with their sex and rock and roll!”
          70s: “kids and their devil rock music! And disco isn’t real music!”
          80s: “rock music isn’t music anymore! The men all look like when women now, with their long hair!”
          90s: “the kids are lazy/ slackers and you can’t understand what they are saying. I think it call it grungy music. And rap is all about killing and being gangsters.”
          2000: “these singers can’t sing. Britney spears looks like a prostitute, and Christina’s humping the floor. Oh, and Don’t get me started on backstreet boys.”

          Complaining about how sucky the current generation is, is par for the course and a sign that we aren’t young or current anymore. Its a hard pill to swallow that everything is no longer marketed for you and your generation.

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