trump kicks off kyle rittenhouse victory tour

trump is trying to set off everyone’s thanksgiving off with a bang.
so to a few others,
kyle rittenhouse is a hero.
i don’t know how he became a hero but apparently,
he is the new “american dream“.
walking around with an ak and shooting anyone on command.

that american life album from madonna wa ahead of it’s time.
trump rose from his crypt to acknowledge kyle on fox news.
he was such “a nice young man” on his victory tour in meeting trump…


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this is a photo of their meeting at mar-a-lago:



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can i just font that i don’t miss the orange jackal?
remember when he use to dominate twitter?
we were really slumming it back then.

so of course kyle would be his hero.
remember when trump had heavy twitter fingers?
he said he wanted protestors at blm protests to be shot.
( x read it here )
trump was channeling nicki minaj and that little bitch was his son.

It’s a shame some of us in this country love propping up the villains.

…only to play the victim when they do villainous shit.

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6 thoughts on “trump kicks off kyle rittenhouse victory tour”

  1. If there was any justice, someone would have shot Kyle…in self defense. But we all know how that would have turned out.

  2. It’s the that y’all still running with this narative that he was shooting anyone on command while they aren’t whole videos of Rosenbaum (the pedophile) chasing Rittenhouse, Huber (the woman beater) assaulting him with a skateboard and Grosskreutz still holding the gun after Rittenhouse shot him. He admitted on stand that he did pointed that gun at Rittenhouse before he shot at him.

    This was a trial in a courtroom, not a political debate in a TV studio. This case do not concern black people. This is a white on white crime. A lot of people discovered that the victims were white at the verdict. Some still don’t know that.

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