“are you trying to chill and go back to the crib to smash after? whats the dress code?”

next year,
God spare my life and raise my abundance,
i want to do more out in these forests.
after these last 2 years of being in the crib,
i’m ready to be outside again.
you’ll always know when you’re ready.
shows like insecure and this new gossip girl reminds me of how much fun i used to have.

one minute i’m at a restaurant and the next i’m at a recording studio.
this city can take you on many different adventures.
so i was watching the new episodes of gossip girl and one of the characters,
julien calloway,
said something i plan on implementing in my social life.
she was talking to her father about going out for thanksgiving and she said…

“Okay well,
what’s the dress code?
I’m not really in a ‘see and be seen’ kind of mood…”

so i loved to dress up when i went out.
even if it was to have lunch and some light shopping,
i was wearing some of my best shit.
my thought process was:

“I’m dressing up because I might meet a wolf outside.”

 after not wearing jeans for close to a year,
and i’m not looking for male companionship like i once was,
i find my casual looks much more satisfying.
so when i ask:

“What is the dress code?”

should i wear some fly shit?
is it sweat pants and crocs?
are we doing lunch and walking around after?
or are we going out to a nice restaurant and lounge for the late night?

What is the mood?

are you trying to be seen?
or is it back streets and sightseeing?
are we going to be mingling with the press?

are we “in the back of the restaurant” vibe?
is it a spa day and back to the crib to smash?

when i sent this to a few of my friends,
they were definitely with it.
when i went to nola,
my friend was on the “turnt up” and i was on the “let’s do a plantation tour”.
i like to know where the energy is at before i link.

I might not be in the mood to do anything but keep it light.

some days i’m on and others i’m not trying to be seen.
 everything works when folks are on the same page.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

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