i’m ret to pack my sh*t and go.

┬áit’s time.
it’s time for me to go because i’m tired of being here.
what’s happening inside me is bursting.
so it’s definitely time

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“are you trying to chill and go back to the crib to smash after? whats the dress code?”

next year,
God spare my life and raise my abundance,
i want to do more out in these forests.
after these last 2 years of being in the crib,
i’m ready to be outside again.
you’ll always know when you’re ready.
shows like insecure and this new gossip girl reminds me of how much fun i used to have.

one minute i’m at a restaurant and the next i’m at a recording studio.
this city can take you on many different adventures.
so i was watching the new episodes of gossip girl and one of the characters,
julien calloway,
said something i plan on implementing in my social life.
she was talking to her father about going out for thanksgiving and she said…

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the ultimate bed for a lot of chillin’ and netflix

the future is here foxhole.
we are almost like “the jetsons“.
we just need some flying cars and the ability to teleport.
we almost there tho.
how would you feel about this bed:

cute set up,
well a foxholer sent me why this is the ultimate bed for “netflix and full chill“...
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foxhole, can you pencil me into your calendar?

i think every foxholer,
whether professional or not,
should utilize their calendars.
celebs and execs can’t function without theirs.
it’s why “the big deals” have assistants to manage their lives via calendars.

your phone isn’t just for taking selfies and making sex tapes.
it’s a smart phone that should be keeping you…
smart af.
even my ratchet foxhole should keep a calendar.
so jamari fox utilizes tf out of the calendar on his phone.
i’ve used it to schedule when bills that where due,
but i have since really gotten involved in incorporating so much more.
i have to thank pose for that…

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when a bad reputation meets a good fox

i love a “bad reputation”.
not with me however,
but with those who did me wrong.
they will always be a few who don’t like you.
all of us aren’t made for everyone,
but if life has taught me anything,
it’s that those types are usually the “most hated”.
when it comes to “jobs and careers” tho,
it’s better to have a near spotless rep.
so i went on an interview on friday…

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in my (toiletries) bag

i think everyone should have a toiletries bag.
i have been carrying one to work for years now.
after lunch,
or an after work outing,
i would be equipped with my essentials.
last night,
i finally started unpacking the bag id carry to my old job.
i hadn’t removed my toiletries bag yet,
but i figured it would make for a great foxhole entry.
so this is my bag:


it was a “d&g” toiletries bag i got in a gift set with the cologne,
“the one”.
yours doesn’t have to be that level of expensive.
it is whatever your style,
big or small.
take a look at what i kept in my bag

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