the ultimate bed for a lot of chillin’ and netflix

the future is here foxhole.
we are almost like “the jetsons“.
we just need some flying cars and the ability to teleport.
we almost there tho.
how would you feel about this bed:

cute set up,
well a foxholer sent me why this is the ultimate bed for “netflix and full chill“...

An architect has designed a cutting-edge bed which is equipped with a 4K projector, a 70-inch screen and a custom-built app to allow owners to binge watch TV without having to get up. 

Created by Fabio Vinella for Italian furniture brand Hi-Interiors and dubbed the HiBed it is designed with entertainment at the core and hopes to offer a high-tech option for the humble bed. 

The frame has its own app which operates the rig and is also fitted with surround sound speakers. 

Although an official price hasn’t been announced, a similar version was priced around £33,000.  

To justify this, the bed also analyses and keeps track of the user’s sleeping patterns and body weight, in addition to monitoring the room temperature, air quality and noise level. 

In addition, its built-in ambient lighting can also be used as a night light, reading light, or alarm in the morning, along with a smart alarm that plays daily weather and news notifications. 


imagine fuckin on that bed and it reporting the noise levels shortly after?
can you also imagine what porn looks like on that screen?
this is my “when i’m wealthy” splurge purchase.
i’m already adding it to my mental shopping cart.
i’d make sure i have a bathroom in my room so i’d never have to leave.
all i’d need is that teleportation device and it’s a wrap!

read more about the bed: daily mail

Author: jamari fox

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