the ultimate bed for a lot of chillin’ and netflix

the future is here foxhole.
we are almost like “the jetsons“.
we just need some flying cars and the ability to teleport.
we almost there tho.
how would you feel about this bed:

cute set up,
well a foxholer sent me why this is the ultimate bed for “netflix and full chill“...
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Beyonce Is Now “The New King of Pop”!!

what happened to this guy?

someone wrote up this article on gawker and it has everyone talking.
the michael jackson fans are flipping the hell out.
what about you?…

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Terrell Owens Has To Take A Big Blow

this wolf keeps running into the worse luck.
i don’t get it.
he had to sell his georgia estate and things didn’t turn out the way he planned…

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How To Get Beat Up On Camera With Your Ass Out In The Hood


that was very hard to watch.
even though that person may have been wrong,
i don’t like to see people begging.

…. and at least stand up and put up some kind of fight?

my people.
we need to do so much better.