How To Get Beat Up On Camera With Your Ass Out In The Hood


that was very hard to watch.
even though that person may have been wrong,
i don’t like to see people begging.

…. and at least stand up and put up some kind of fight?

my people.
we need to do so much better.

10 thoughts on “How To Get Beat Up On Camera With Your Ass Out In The Hood

  1. I just don’t know what to say. I hate to see someone humiliated like that. But the hell if I would have let that lame rapper beat my ass till it got ashy. If dude on the ground had got one good hit off on Boughatti that would have squelched this. But he got the video — sue that rapper’s broke ass. And Boughatti — read the fucking contract before ou go in the studio.

  2. Was that even real? PArts had me questioning my sanity. He was balled up and screamimg like a bitch and the cameraman was saying ” Let him dip” Let him get up and dip? SMH I think he was scared he was gonna get jumped and Booghatti needs to go to jail because it was CLEAR that the guy on the ground wasnt causing a threat with his pants down. So embarressing but what is worse is when the lil money he makes off his single, he is gonna have to pay dude cause if it was me , nigga your sued and prosecuted!

  3. All that fighting, and unless you have a contract, he still has your money. Even better, now that this is all over WSHH (and other outlets), Sporty can sue your azz for assault & you’ll end up in jail & STILL broke…smh

    Attorneys & contracts my people — and beat that azz OFF camera

  4. LMAO

    How you gonna be screaming like a lil bitch? You’s a grown ass man… you just don’t let some poot-butt ass nigga but his hands you and you screaming like a bitch with yo ass hanging out! If he was really dying killer instinct/self preservation should have kicked in to fuck ol’ boy up.

    If anything, Boughetto, or whatever the fuck his name, should’ve got his ass mollywhopped for that wack ass song. He beating dudes up over a radio single? CTFU. SMH.

  5. Damn I started to feel bad when he was saying “I’m gonna die”, but he was getting kicked like a damn soccer ball, I thought I was playing FIFA2012. I hope he went to the hospital after that… damn… felt sorry for him, but that’s how hood niggas handle stuff, they don’t know about proper Legal Procedures….

  6. Loyal my ass. Black men don’t belong in some cage (jail) and they don’t deserve to get a record…especially over some dumb shit.

    Just sue his ass and keep it moving pimpin…

  7. Damn his ass was out and everything. Dude got his ass beat. That’s what happens when you’re not loyal.

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