What Is Justin Bieber Doing In The Hood?

i mean,
it’s a question.
why would justin bieber be in the hood?
…and at the swap meet,
no less?
this is the footage an f-bi sent to me…
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200148614-001so while i was waiting for the hot water in my apartment to get hot,
i witnessed this scene outside my window.
i often see a “message” in many things that i often have to stop and write them down.
well luckily i was speaking to someone in emails when it happened.
i wrote the entire situation out to them,
but i wanted to post it as well.
it could be an “aha” moment for someone out there…

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You Say No To Ratchet Penis; But You Can’t

BOgCj-lCQAMXEi5as much as you try to avoid it,
you cannot run from ratchet penis.
it’s next door to you in the hood,
online sending you a thousand messages,
and now moving to the suburbs.
chief keef has moved on up from wherever he use to live to to the burbs of chicago.
as you can see the picture,
one (or more) of those snow bunnies are about to get turned out.
the video is even better…
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How I Met Your Mother

tumblr_m3yr6oAt7J1rn0ur4so i wanted to get to the sto’ early today.
i know if i went later,
i’d have to deal with the baby mamas and mamas babies.
so i put my headphones on,
got my grocery cart,
and headed down the block.
while i was in the sto’,
i was trying not to spend an arm and leg on food.
lately my food bills have been out of my budget.
100 dollars.
last time was 175.
like wtf?
i had to pay some bills and couldn’t afford it.
while i was getting eggs,
listening to “v.s.o.p” on repeat,
i saw this hand out the corner of my eye waving.
when i looked…
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WOLF MEAT: (328)

bunsbreakfast will include some fresh hood buns today…

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“Ratchet Jamari” Would Let Them Both Hit It From The Back

tumblr_m61gciuMx21qesepao1_r1_500i was catching up on love and hiphop atl today.
finishing up on the shows ive missed.
btw: kirk is an asshole.
either way,
rasheeda was filiming scenes from that terrible video/song,
“hit it from the back”.

deb was right: bad move sheeda.
this isn’t really about rasheeda tho.
this is about them two ratchet hood wolf models in the video…

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