“Ratchet Jamari” Would Let Them Both Hit It From The Back

tumblr_m61gciuMx21qesepao1_r1_500i was catching up on love and hiphop atl today.
finishing up on the shows ive missed.
btw: kirk is an asshole.
either way,
rasheeda was filiming scenes from that terrible video/song,
“hit it from the back”.

deb was right: bad move sheeda.
this isn’t really about rasheeda tho.
this is about them two ratchet hood wolf models in the video…

iu0et4cBzzz9Eratchet jamari is out on the prowl.

x watch episode; starts at 30:10

that one who was smilin was fine as FAWK.
wait a minute…
i feel ratchet jamari..
aww shit..
slippin out again…

iV3kZzqv0mwjlf-bi: where can we find out the casting of this video?
i need names!

Author: jamari fox

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2 thoughts on ““Ratchet Jamari” Would Let Them Both Hit It From The Back”

  1. There where fine as shit. That inner hoe we all got is a bitch lol. I be feeling some type way sometimes.

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