I’m Over Reality

i didn’t watch lhhatl tonight.
i’m think i’m over it completely.
i know.
i already checked to see if i was feverish.
naw seriously i’m coming to a conclusion about these ratchet reality shows…
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INTERVIEW: Johnny Crome “Lies and Hiphop Atlanta”

Screen Shot 2014-08-11 at 8.27.56 PMwell johnny crome let loose tonight on #lhhatl!!!
you know johnny crome.
he was the friend of nikko that made his quick debut last season.
well he came back to #lhhatl tonight with guns a blazing.
(and not his arms).
he let mimi know exactly about who she was dealing with.
well johnny and i had a nice interview because i had some questions.
so he spilled the beans on nikko,
how he felt about k michelle disrespecting his life,
and why he might vanish forever
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I Might Have To Punch Your Friggin’ Lights Out

chuckpunch1“i’m disappointed and i’m hurt…
to see you in dis light oh kay…
but i still luh you…” *erica deep voice cry*
so i want to know something from the foxhole.

its something i was pondering while watching #lhhatl tonight…
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The Brawl That Left Weave Everywhere

Joseline-eat-mejoseline hernandez is having the best week ever!
first it was brought to our attention that she has an alleged drug problem,
then she was allegedly pregnant with rick ross baby,
and now she went bath salts crazy at the #lhhatl reunion.
so i don’t know if you may have heard,
but there was a brawl.
it involved a melee of people all coming for joseline.
miss deb.
of course tmz has all the footage…
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Joseline Hernandez: The Alleged Puerto Rican Crackhead or Nah?

joselinehighwtf is happening to joseline hernandez?
it looks like someone wants her destroyed.
in what looks like an alleged drug induced ball of “what in every fuck?”,
joseline gets on the mic and well…
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“Put It On My Tab.”

Screen Shot 2014-05-12 at 9.51.32 PMso i watched #lhhatl tonight.
( x oshea the model ) made his debut.
erica saying he was a professional model<<<<<
that “put it on our tab” with erica’s credit card tho<<<<
the hat with his name on it<<<<<
i’m starting to think fine wolves and money are sold separately.
they do come with a gym membership and pipe tho.

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