I’m Over Reality

i didn’t watch lhhatl tonight.
i’m think i’m over it completely.
i know.
i already checked to see if i was feverish.
naw seriously i’m coming to a conclusion about these ratchet reality shows…

they bring about a lot of negative energy.

some of you have said it when i posted about them before.
i feel drained after i watch.
you couldn’t tell me what #lhhny was about last season.
hell i didn’t even watch the full season of #rhoa.
still no fever.

i don’t know what it is about those shows,
but they make me feel…


like i want to fight someone.
plus i’m over the repetitive story-lines.
how many seasons is rasheeda and kirk gonna be having marriage issues?

tumblr_mjxjraroG81s5ovhio1_500like before,
i use to be actually excited.
i watched like 10 minutes tonight,
turned it off,
and started catching up on revenge.
as of late,
i’ve been into scripted tv dramas.
ones with real acting.

( can i also admit that scandal has turned me off?
tumblr_mygrkl7NaX1s5icoio1_400i feel shonda rhimes ruined olivia pope.
she went from this strong political fixer to a confused passed around hoe.
like she can’t even do her job anymore.
i thought she trusted her “gut”?
well its been on the fitz (purposely spelled) these last two seasons.
don’t even get me started on that b613″ storyline…)

i mean,
i won’t banish a ratchet reality show completely.
sometimes i want to see the low hanging fruit in their natural habitat.
i’m just simply bored with the whole situation now.

Am i the only one?

17 thoughts on “I’m Over Reality

  1. I think, when your internal self starts to change, “entertainment” like RHOA and the like become a waste of time.
    I think its a good thing you dont like these shows anymore Jamari, it shows where your mind is at. You realized that it only brings negativity into your life under the guise of “entertainment”. Internally, it seems like you’re subconsciously trying to cleanse your life. Thats a good sign that a change is coming!

    Reality TV shows? LOL! The show has a “cast”, production, and editing and a script! How is that reality? I just cant take these people seriously who deliberately fight on camera and simultaneously erode the black community even further. The white people can take the reality TV. Let them have it.

    When it comes to me, no substance= no support. it doesnt matter if its music/tv/movies etc. art in general has to require “talent” for me to actually pay attention. The fact that we watch people acting stupid and find it as entertaining as we do kind of worries me lol.

    (though I must admit, I;ve watched maybe one or two episodes of Rhoa and chuckled a little but shh, I’m not supposed to say that lol ) I’ve watched the Kardashian show a few times too but I don’t like that family. They’re too weird for me. I’m a youtube and netflix lover anyway. I Don’t watch TV!

  2. I am like you Jay all this crazy and negative behaviors are shown on every show. My thing is why should you let out all of that mess on television when its seen or dealt with daily in your own life. I have lost respect for so many people who display their home environment to the media. It is saddening to see such.

  3. Well, I can’t stop watching Housewives lol. I don’t really watch none of the LAHH series anymore because those are definitely heavily scripted. They be filming scenes over and over and the women on the show are too foolish. Nah.

    I haven’t been keeping up with Scandal much as of late tho.

  4. I need to catch up on Revenge as well. I haven’t seen it since her father came back. It’s almost time for it to end though.

    I keep saying I’m going to watch House of Cards since everyone loves it. Wish I could find some place to watch all the episodes of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

      damnn, I was just about to catch it from the beginning too!!!

  5. I’m done with watching most of these reality shows myself. There should always be a resolution. Scripted shows provide conflict and resolution. Reality shows do not. I was a fan of the Bad Girls Club but decided to stop tuning in because the producers kept allowing jumping to take place without punishing the girls. It used to be entertaining to watch a bunch of trashy skanks argue about being the baddest. Then came the later seasons when 5 girls would gang up on 1 and beat the crap out of her for no reason whatsoever. That’s not fun nor entertaining to watch. The fact that these people are being paid for being cunts of the highest degree does not sit well with me. They’re being rewarded for being assholes.

    1. I completely agree!

      When it first premiered in 2007, BGC was a guilty pleasure and sort of a reaction to The Real World/ Housewives franchise. Then around 2010-11 post-Natalie ‘I Run LA’ Nunn the show had already jumped the shark.. They could no longer produce ‘authentic’ ratchet television. It became too contrived, and viewers are not dumb as they think.

      In fact, most of these shows jump the shark after the 3rd or 4th seasons, not unlike most scripted dramas (i.e. Scandal).

      In response to the Housewives, I’m very disappointed in the direction the show has taken. Specifically, bad casting choices (i.e. Claudia/Demetria) and lack of authentic storytelling. But Im still hooked on RHOA b/c of the dynamic cast, production values, and comedy. I feel like that is what actually separates the Housewives franchise from other reality shows. They do attempt to make it funny in editing/production. The ATL cast is notorious for gif worthy comments and reactions that I’m still fascinated by even though I realize its way too negative. But they’re genuinely funny, despite that. LHH is whole nother beast lol. I was NEVER a fan of Mona Scott Young telling ‘love’ stories based around misogynist B list hip hop stars and they’re crazy GFs/wives.

  6. I honestly can’t watch shows like that anymore. The stereotypes that they portray disgust me. And the fact that people actually degrade themselves and sell themselves out like that for a paycheck is saddening.

  7. A lot of these reality shows have our generation so messed up. Everybody wants to turn up and fight someone then end up in jail with a record. I mean I can’t really blame the reality shows but people with no common sense get sucked up in that life trying to be these people. I’m not going to lie I watch ratchet reality but I’m seeing a lot of these shows are fake and scripted. I’m like really tired of Rasheeda and Kirk im surprised that got asked back on the show their just so annoying, repetitive,and boring. I’m tired of the cheating storyline. They will regret all this stuff later. I feel Evelyn Lozada learned her lesson.

  8. I’ve been feeling the same way about love and hip hop Atlanta, it just seems like they are running out of steam. I think it’s gonna be hard to top the sex tape scandal of last season( which I’m pretty sure that tape was Mona Scott’s idea). To be honest the show is known and loved for its ratchet behavior, fights and such. I think once K Michelle turn over a new leaf and left the show to focus on her music career The show felt like it needed to do something to replace what she brought to the show. I think she and the Puerto Rican Princess made it entertaining with their behavior but it seems like they both want to change their ways so I can’t see people giving a famn about the other story lines like Mimi or Erica’s.

    P.S. I have notice the change in direction with the scandal storyline this season. Some episodes have been hit or miss but I’m loving Papa pope and the last few episodes as of late. I actually like how they show that Olivia isn’t perfect and that she can be just as confused as the rest of us. I think her father wants her to do better so he keeps pushing her with his madness.

    1. Thank You! Olivia is human. If she seems like a “a confused passed around hoe” it’s because she nearly died! Then she had reached a new level of herself (when she said something like “i’m free! and i choose who ever i want” only to have that shattered. So the writers can’t apologize for making a character that’s human.

    2. You’re spot on about Scandal mikey!
      Rowan Pope is like, the reason to watch for me right now, Olivia is, idk, becoming sloppy, like this whole season she’s been kind of “not Olivia” which is getting kind of old. I loved for the first and second season “its handled!” Olivia. She was a bad b**tch! She still has her moments but yeah its kind of faltering. and why the fck is Abbey in the Whitehouse? She seems like so, anti-political. I alwasy saw her as better than being told what to do by anyone. I actually like her character and feel like they are doing her a bit of a disservice! I love Mellie Grant and Cyrus Beane too! so corrupt but so fun to watch!

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