Joseline Hernandez: The Alleged Puerto Rican Crackhead or Nah?

joselinehighwtf is happening to joseline hernandez?
it looks like someone wants her destroyed.
in what looks like an alleged drug induced ball of “what in every fuck?”,
joseline gets on the mic and well…

Angelina-Jolie-SMH-No-Reaction-Gifyou see her eyes?
that sweat?
that definitely ain’t “yo turn the a/c on”.
who was that random pineapple behind her?
that whole thing was a mess.
she looked like the old young crackhead i see every morning on the way to work.
the one who be strung out singing beyonce songs in her house coat in the street.
its crazy that someone who always going at someone else,
talkin’ about eatin off versace plates,
this latest video is actually quite an eye opener.
makes me happy about my little lowkey life.
you know what the sad part is also?
the “thotabellas” out here look up to her.
all because she know how to cuss and fight.
we don’t like joseline for her brains.

well steebie might.
the following responses won’t change tho:

“joseline was turnt up!
its okay!”

“whoever leaked this was a hater!”

“girl what she on because i want a piece!”

tumblr_mlmd9iid381sn6sufo1_500 tumblr_mbdgans0f71qc7018o1_250you already know.
i hope the puerto rican princess gets her life together,
like 2 minutes ago
i actually like her.

lowkey: i hear that a majority of the cast is on drugs tho.
for mona,
this is a story line next season.
for me,
it ain’t hard to tell.
these are new pineapples who got money and a little fame.
cute clothes,
new dick/pussy/bootyhole,
and couple club appearances don’t cure demons.
they enhance them.

video courtesy: worldstar

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

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  1. I think all the motherfuckers involved in that circle are coke-fiends and crackheads. Stevie, Joesline, Mimi, Nikko… cocaine is a helluva drug.

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