Top Shelf Baller Wolf: Taquan Dean

take it all in.
ya know i have met a lot of good lookin “taquan”s.
i imagine if your parents named you “taquan”,
they expected you to be fine.

well then everyone,
meet basket-baller wolf taquan dean

my ratchet side has no chill.
now don’t let the louisville jersey fool you,
taquan use to play for that team in college.
taquan’s dossier includes:

30 years old
originally from jersey
shooting guard
lost out on being drafted to the nba
played for many teams overseas,
but is currently on air avellino in italy.

_1371482979looks like he is living good over there.
i wonder what the thot-atellas
are like in italy?
oh btw:

taquan is also muslim.
goes to a mosque and all.
oh don’t believe me?

don’t muslims have like 27 wives?
or is that africans?
i’m not familiar with the muslim faith.
not that i’d care if id have a uterus to have his 27 kids,
but that’s neither here nor there.
now this is random
but is it me or taquan look like he could be related to actor leon robinson,
“david ruffin” from the 5 heartbeats and cynthia bailey’s baby daddy?

Leon Robinson-KSR-017149…or is that just me?

leon’s picture courtesy: Koi Sojer / PR Photos

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

6 thoughts on “Top Shelf Baller Wolf: Taquan Dean”

  1. Dang, he sexy as hell, and got a nice ass. That’s though that he lost out on his dream and is playing for various teams overseas. Bouncing from team to team is stressful, especially when kids are involved. He looks happy though. He’s team Leo, so I support him to the fullest for sure. I found out that he has a wife, which means he is definitely off the market. I think he has kids too.

  2. yassssss. he played for my hometown team in college. he’s really a sweetheart. he comes back every summer to train and speak at different camps. he isnt bad looking but i must say he got better with time lol

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